I’ve been writing under the pen name, K. Lorraine since 2011. My favorite kinds of books to write are Romance/murder, however, I also dabble in Science Fiction, Adventure, Poetry, humor/satire and children’s stories.

My interest in writing started in middle school. Throughout my grade school years, I won several writing contests. I gained experience as a grant writer when I was the director for a non-profit. Once upon a time, I held the position of Public Relations Officer for a different non-profit.

I first published in 2011 when I wrote the short story, Next Generation: Love in Silence. The story was based on Romeo & Juliette, but with an alien twist.  The book was unveiled at the 2011 Roswell, NM. Alien Festival. I’m self-published through Createspace and  my books are also available at Amazon & Kindle, and Goodreads.

I’ve recently discovered a love for blogging. I blog daily on various topics. My blogs can be read on my website http://klorraine.com. I can also be followed on Facebook and Twitter.

I live in Roswell, NM with my husband Ed, of twenty-five years. Collectively, we have five children and six grandchildren.