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The Dark Side of Being Different

(Beauty & the Beast)

Posted on Fanstory January 20, 2015

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I thought I’d change up this week’s blog a bit.

The new movie Beauty and the Beast debuted in the theaters this weekend. “Despite her fears, Belle befriends the castle’s enchanted staff. And she learns to look beyond the Beast’s hideous exterior. She realizes the kind heart and soul of the true Prince within.”

This prompted me to delve into my archives. I remembered a short story that I had written. I found it.  I thought you might enjoy my version of a take on Beauty of the Beast from 2015, Alien style.

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Have a happy first day of Spring.

Happy reading,

K. Lorraine






So, I’m a day behind the eight ball


Okay, K. Lorraine fans & readers of my weekly blog. So, I’m a day behind the eight ball. The reason is we’ve had phone problems since Ed left Cable One and went to Century Link. Sometimes he is too frugal. So this afternoon I was home alone. And something to do with the phone line blew in the house where I was working.

Alarms were screaming. I tried to call Ed, but he didn’t hear his cell phone. I managed to get out of the house by myself. I tried to call the pone company hot line for an hour. I was put on hold three times.

The call kept getting dropped. I went outside in the alley since I didn’t know if it was safe to be in the house. I was alone and couldn’t get back in the house. Also, my hand held phone was low on a battery charge. I was virtually helpless.

After nearly two hours, I called 911. The fire dept. arrived about 30 minutes later. My phone was dead and so could I have been.

So, I didn’t have the chance to promote my blog. I apologize for a screwed up blog event.

Final note… I’m surprised that my heart didn’t stop short. I thank God for placing His healing hands on my heart and kept it beating. So much for Monday the 13th.

Now down to business.

‘Poll for a new blog’ is this week’s blog subject.

Disability has no boundaries. Creativity and imagination come from the mind, not of the limbs. Anything is possible.
Creativity, talent, artist+ disability = Handicapable.

This webpage is not for political or religious views. It is a website for social fun. It’s also just in the planning stage. I hope you will take this subject seriously and go to The entire blog is worth reading.

And, Oh, please not only LIKE it, but please leave a comment. Your input is needed BEFORE I go ahead with the idea. It is crucial because my plate is full. Yet, I think this kind of blog would benefit many people out there who have concerns and questions about disability.

And you question where to get answers from the ‘know how’ folks. This upcoming webblog could just be your go-to website…

Until next time…
Happy reading, K. Lorraine


K.Lorraine BOOKS

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Bienvenida, Welcome to our desert New Mexico home


In June, 2016, my husband and Ed and I decided to return to our Southwestern home. We had spent three years in Southwest Florida living in our waterfront home. Ed was homesick and longed to be in the desert again.

So, we packed our bags, circled the wagons and it was westward ho for us. It was a five day adventure as we crossed the country. Two thousand miles, in fact.

We decided that we didn’t want to live in our New Mexico house the way it was. We wanted change. Interior design is a passion for Ed and me. So we set out to change each room, one-by-one.

This blog features the colors and culture of the southwest. And how we incorporated them into the design of our dining room.










I hope you enjoy a tour of our New Mexico dining room.

See you next time with a new blog feature.

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The Hero of Groundhog Day


I wrote this fun story in 2016 for Groundhog Day. It’s about a hero we think of but once a year. It is humorous and suggested that you don’t put too much thought into the piece of satire.


“Heroic,” Hilary Duckbill of the Punxsuawney, Pennsylvania, of the Brother Love News, writes. Tired of being the bearer of bad news, Punxsuawney Phil wants to correct a misstep or wrong doing”.

Punxsuawney Phil says the time for his retirement has come. “Heroes aren’t always born heroes. People make them that way by chance or choice. The thing that I regret the most, is working too little and allowing humans to put so much faith in a furry rodent”.

Hilary then wrote. “The past three decades, statistics showed that Punxy’s non-shadow bearing years were by chance. And they were slim at best. Meaning that by not seeing his shadow, Punxy predicted an early Spring. When Phil saw his shadow and returned to his hole, the winter cold prevailed another six weeks”.

The Brother Love News, reported that Phil was wrong in St. Petersburg, Florida. The shadow years, on average, were 13.9 degrees warmer than non-shadow years. And nothing in Florida would constitute an early Spring. The sun is bound to shine there, and the temperatures don’t rise and fall uniformly. Some cities just have a warmer climate between February 2nd, Groundhog’s Day and March.

Hilary quoted Punxy, “I am not the foremost weather oracle, I am a groundhog”.

She then asked him, “What are your plans for retirement Phil”?

Punxy’s tense smile covered his face as he pulled out a letter he drafted to the Mayor of Punxsuawney.

He said, “Miss Duckbill, if you will permit. I would like to read the letter I’ve written for our most esteemed Mayor, Bill Foxworthy”.

She gave a nod of the head and Punxy began…

Dear Mr. Mayor,

I’ve packed my bag with one Florida style shirt, a bottle of sunscreen, a straw hat and a pair of flip flops. I plan to leave my heavy fur coat, galoshes, knitted hat, mittens and neck scarf outside my door. Please be sure that a deserving homeless rodent gets the winter attire.

I’ve calculated it’ll be a 1,200 mile trip. I’ll start at the tunnel from my Pennsylvania doorstep to Niceville, Florida.  I’ve rented a basement condo at the Bluewater Golf Club.

I hope you won’t find it difficult in replacing me as a Shadow Spotter.

Sincerely, Punxsuawney Phil

The cap lamp attached to Punxy’s hard hat lit his way in total darkness. Punxy  dug his way south excavating 700 pounds of earth daily. In Niceville, Punxy found that his sublet was beneath sea level. And the premises had green mold almost everywhere. If there is one thing that a groundhog doesn’t like, it is wet soil.

Disappointed, Punxy found his way out onto the golf course where he met up with his old friend Bill Murray. Punxy began dancing amid the edge of the first hole cup.  Bill was about 455 yards away and he was about to use a 2 iron… “It’s in the hole”! Phil shouted.

“I smell a varmint and the only good varmint, is a dead varmint. He’s a brown furry rodent… where are you my old pal Punxsuawney Phil”? Bill chortled.

“Over here Bill.” Less than enthusiastic, Punxy said, “You almost clocked me with your ball as you teed off”.

“What the heck are you doing in Florida, Phil? I once knew a gopher who could have been a great golf aficionado. But instead, he decided to become a weatherman”.

“Yup, Bill, that was once me, but let me tell you a story. What would you do if you were stuck in one place and nothing mattered except for one day a year? Well, Bill, I’m tired of giving advice or predicting the weather on that one specific day. Everybody expects me to set the fate of the Spring weather. Will Hope Spring Eternal. And leave folks with bated breath anticipating that Spring will arrive early. Or, will there be six more weeks of Winter. After the already brutal weather that most of the country has experienced.”

Bill pondered a moment, “Phil, you are my oldest and dearest friend. I hate seeing you so down and blue”.

“Bill,  when I looked into the mirror a few days ago, I saw a rodent looking back. It was a rude awakening that I was nothing but a fraud. I should be in jail. I’m not the super hero that I’ve been cast to be. But at least in jail, I could get three square meals”.

“It was a decision that I made. And the right time for me to hang up my super hero cape. I need to shelve my top hat, break out the sunscreen and sunglasses and end my days of being the bearer of bad news”.

Hilary ended her story by adding a profound moral. “What is it about season changes that we long for? Sure the new growth and a fresh start of Spring excites us after a long winter. Punxsuawney Phil holds the greatest responsibility of any groundhog in the world. Every February 2, Groundhog Day, the fate of Spring’s arrival is in the balance of his hands. Retired or not, Punxsuawney Phil will always be the hero of Groundhog Day”.

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Date Night Senior Citizen Style


Walter & Katy Shuster are at it again…

By author, K. Lorraine

Copyright © 2013 by K. Lorraine Books

Wednesday night this past week was date night for my husband, Ed  and me. Romance for us has become closeness. And that’s a nice thing to reflect upon.

Ed and I have been together twenty-five years. A second go-round for both. We married in 1992. Our five children are grown and have lives of their own. We live in the southwest, and our kids are still living and working in ‘cold country’.

Retirement is different for everyone. You make it what you want it to be. My husband wants to spend most of his day wearing his robe. He sits in his recliner and reads. He likes to putter and tinker with restoration projects. He likes to use his creative mind landscaping our yard.

I prefer to get dressed and start my day with a writing a blog or continuing adding a chapter to a book.

Yes, I consider myself an author. I’ve been at it full-time since 2011. My first published book was a science fiction love story. Next Generation: Love in Silence. It wasn’t a best seller (about 500 copies sold), but it was the book that got my feet wet as a writer. I’ve written many books since, in various genres. You ask? What does this have to do with senior dating?


Author, K. Lorraine

Not much, other than our life gets into a rut pretty fast for Ed and me. We aren’t in body building. We aren’t into sports. But, what we do together counts. So, we make a point to have three meals together each day. We make a point to go to church together. And we love shopping in thrift stores and antique shops.

We try to schedule a weekly date night. Sometimes we have a romantic dinner at home. Sometimes we have friends over for a meal and conversation. Sometimes we just watch TV together. This past Wednesday ended on a different note than we expected.

Katy wrote the following blog through her life as a Golden Girl.

Walter & Katy Shuster are a fictitious couple.  Walter & Katy Shuster live in Southwest Florida. The land of pink flamingos and retirees. The following blog is a depiction of a date night for the not-do-typical retired couple.

The morning started with breakfast. The weather was nice… sunshine and warm air temperature. Walter watched TV. You see, he’s a staunch Trump supporter who’s into the Trump confirmation hearings. On-the-other hand, I spent a few hours playing internet games.

I had a doctor appointment with my cardiologist later in the afternoon. So we had an early lunch and I started to get ready. The appointment was at three o’clock. Walter suggested we go out to dinner afterward for date night. That was fine with me.

The phone rang just as we were going out the door. It was the doctor’s office needing to reschedule my appointment. So, the question was to go or stay home. My answer was… I’m dolled up, so I’m up for a steak dinner.

There wasn’t any turning back. The afternoon was right out of a Seinfeld episode. Early bird dinner at a steak house. Home before dark. And Walter was back in his robe watching the news channel.

I was back pounding the computer keyboard, playing more games. I was in bed watching Law and Order SVU at eight. Only because my normal TV program, Code Black, was pre-empted by a music award program. And like every night, Walter and I watched the ten o’clock news together in bed.

As Walter climbed into bed, he said, “Nice date night, huh, Katy?”

I answered, “Not bad Walter.”

“See you next Wednesday, Katy”?

“It’s a date Walter. How about a Mexican cuisine next time”?

“Sounds good. You know much I like a fart-fest”…

“Good-night Katy”.

That’s life. You’ve got to love this man, and I love my life.

Thank you for reading my this week’s blog. Written by K. Lorraine

Coming Soon

The Misadventures of Walter and Katy Shuster

Book Two

The Traveling Dingleberries


Be sure to look for the Kindle E-book to release in April, 2017

Sneak preview…

The red HHR hovercraft was loaded with our gear. We arrived at the Roswell spaceport and the Commander donned his space suit for the gravitational sojourn.

“Dear,” said K. Lorraine, “My spacesuit has gotten a little snug around my waist. And I think it makes me look like a silver foil wrapped sausage.”

The Commander did his best to smooth his wife’s ruffled feathers like the good husband he was. And then he reminded Punken that everyone was wearing the same spacesuit.  “I promise that no one will recognize you. You are still the prima Donna in my life”.


Thank you for reading this week’s blog.

K. Lorraine & Commander Mr. Ed

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My New Year’s Resolution – 2017 by K. Lorraine

I’m taking on some stuff this year, that’s totally outside my comfort zone.  I’m looking forward to it. I know there are things I could’ve done better, but overall, I’m proud of myself.

I’ve thought long and hard about my goals for the year ahead.  I know 2017 is going to be an even more amazing year. What goals have you set for 2017?


A New Year’s resolution is a tradition for most. A person makes a promise to do an act of self-improvement or something nice. I’ve given thought to my personal resolution for the New Year.

new years1.jpg

First of all, I’m going to focus on the enjoyment of life. Ed and I are not getting any younger. So, I want to spend more quality time with him. Travel and antique shopping, (hunting) is our favorite thing to do. We’re back in New Mexico and hope to revisit many New Mexico sites during the year.

I was just interrupted by the news that Carrie Fisher died at the age of 60. It brought back the memory of when I met her. I lived and worked in Midland, Michigan. I worked as the Public Relations person for the Center for Independent Living. She, (Carrie) performed at the Center for the Arts, and I had the chance to attend her performance.

Carrie Fisher’s death, due to heart failure opened my eyes to my own life. I was recently diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure with Unstable Angina. The sadness I felt for the loss of an icon, changed the way I thought about the rest of my life.

Ed and I returned to Roswell, New Mexico this past June. We moved back into the house we built in 2005, but this time, we decided the desert would become our forever home. The city has grown, yet it was familiar to us. We reconnected with some old friends. And others were now gone.

The following piece is a small excerpt of an article I wrote in 2015.

The Formula for Aging…

Dependent… in the beginning of life.

Middle of life… all the stuff that made me one of a kind.

Dependency… Equals The End.

Rewinding is going back toward the middle. The middle is where all the stuff that makes us unique and one of a kind is warehoused.

The aging process for someone with a chronic illness is like going back in time. It’s like rewinding from our adult independence and becoming infants once again. But what happens when the fittest become the frailest? And that self-reliance becomes a mandatory dependency?

Babies enter the world with only one power. The power to elicit the emotion of tenderness and a caring response to them from other humans. Babies’ depend on their caretakers and the society in which they develop. It is the stuff that makes us human.

* A baby may cry when he needs the help of someone.

* An infant cries because it’s their only way to communicate.

* Babies cry when they are hungry.

* Sometimes babies cry when they are in need of a diaper change.

* If a baby is tired and needs comforting, he may start to cry.

Help Me… I’m old

The aged are sometimes virtually immobile. They cannot creep, walk, or speak, and they are limited in the ability to act with purpose. At the end of life, the dependent aging of the world has only one power. The power to elicit the emotion of tenderness and a caring response to them from other humans.

Life can be overwhelming for aging adults. When the aged engage in behavior that is like a child, they can feel like their world is turning upside down. Although parenting an elderly person who becomes ill, dependency is a given. Society has to manage many disjointed feelings and identities. It’s strange how we all know we will get old, but nobody prepares oneself to handle the cascade of losses.

Why did I include the piece about aging? It brought to mind a bucket list of things I’ve not yet fulfilled. Lady Justice, and the balanced scale of life, has not yet balanced my life. I’ve accomplished a lot, and I’m thankful for each new day, but, there is still a lot that I’d like to finish.

This brings me to my professional life, and my New Year’s Resolutions.

Something I want to do is getting right to the point. I want to learn how to say what I need to say and move on.

I think that short eBooks are becoming a trend. People are busy–and getting busier by the days. They look for a quick read.

People like instant gratification–a short eBook can give them that. People are sick of “fluff”. Short E-books that make a point quickly. They get to the good stuff right away.

Amazon is catching on to this emerging trend. There are now a variety of “Short Reads.” Categories for books ranging from a few pages to under 100. My ‘Me Time short stories’ are a perfect example. I have some quick reads on Kindle E-books. They are less expensive too.

I don’t believe in setting a specific word count for a book. I think a book should be as long as it needs to be. Some books need more words and pages, and some need less. There’s no point in stuffing a book with extra words that don’t need to be there. I prefer to let the readers decide.

I sat down and began to write my goals as a writer for my New Year’s Resolutions.

*I plan to remind myself that I am a great fiction writer. Positive thinking is a good thing.

*Bad habits are hard to break. I have a lot of bad habits as a writer, but I’ll always study the craft of writing and try to improve what I write. I’m not likely to ever change.

*Regardless that I don’t… I’ll convince myself that I have millions of readers all over the world.

*Instead of saying that my plans are to be a best selling author. I will reinforce that I am a best selling author.

*I am creating my dream writing life.

My 2017 writing goals are:

  • To write a WEEKLY BLOG


The following are titles, (subject to change) of books to publish in 2017

January: ‘Simply A Musing’, (A collection of stories I wrote through my inner Muse)

February: Love Stories (A collection of love stories written over several years)

March: Broken (The original book,  ‘Overcoming’, rewritten)

April: The Traveling Dingleberries (Walter & Katy Shuster)

May: Poetry in Motion (Reissued)

June: adult coloring book (Reissued)

July: THEM (TerrAmouran Human Exceptional Many – alien theme)

August: Spog Collection (children’s book)

September: Apache Sheriff

October: Snuggles Bedtime Stories (collection of fairy tales)

November: My all time favorite 2017 Blogs

December: Cahlil (Novel of the year)

My fortune says that 2017 will be an amazing year. And that I have a wise head on my shoulders. It will be full of pleasant surprises and excellent memories. It will propel me towards the success that I’ve dreamt of. And it will help me fulfill my ambitions in ways I did not think possible. It will be a great year and for me, and it will be life changing.

Yes, I have been through a lot this year, and emerged stronger on the other side. These words reflect my inner strength. I believe the resolution for 2016 will reward me with much happiness in 2017.

My spiritual life is my guiding life. I have a lot on my plate, but I plan to complete my goals. Growth is good and I plan to succeed as God walks with me through the year ahead.

Thank you for reading blog about the ‘2017 year in the life of author, K. Lorraine’


The Darkside of Being Different


Blog #8 October 31, 2016

Copyright © 2013 by K. Lorraine Books

Halloween Day

Today is the final story blog written for the 2016 Halloween season. I hope you have enjoyed the trip to the dark side. Be on the safe side when you Tick or Treat tonight. Happy Halloween my friends and I‘ll see you soon with new blogs of Funn things I blog about.





Darkness protects us from seeing the things we would not rather see. She was gone and he needed to run or face a life of interment in the underground penal camps. They taunted him and he didn’t time to weep over his deceased mother’s body.

He was different from his peers on Eco. His parents saw fit to arrange for his transport. From a faraway planet, Oden came to live beneath the Earth’s catacombs in New York City. But he knew he had to flee from there too, or he would perish.

Oden, and his fellow aliens of Planet Eco were a race of giants.  They were gentle. Eco was a planet that didn’t commit atrocities, or torture innocent creatures. They did not lay claim over their people to be victorious. They weren’t particularly loathsome or terrible. They were noble, charming and indifferent. They possessed beautiful feral brown eyes and disheveled brown hair.

Oden’s mother was an alien endowed with a mid section  of enormous proportion. Her inherent absent-mindedness gave her a misfit quality. She was always in a hurry.  Her large feet forced her clumsiness. Azalia, Oden’s mother, fell in love with Sprat.

Sprat, unlike his wife, was a handsome Alien specimen. He was blessed with windswept chestnut hair that arched across his hairy forehead. His high cheekbones showed off his otherwise handsome face. His tall, slim build was deceptive. And the alien colony referred to the couple as unusual.

After their marriage, Azalia soon became pregnant. She gave birth to a defective one-eyed Alien boy and his parents named him Oden. The alien colony ostracized the couple, because the appearance of their child was displeasing. In spite of the criticism, Sprat loved his wife and son. He did everything in his power to protect them from the harsh alien community where they lived.

Oden possessed a violent and sometimes uncontrollable nature that he used against his peers. Azalia worked hard to teach Oden methods to help calm and control his behavior.

She knew of the mirrored land called Planet Earth. She read about the planet Earth’s history.  The earth had developed a means to tame children with behavioral problems. Azalia wanted to send Oden to earth. She thought the evilness that possessed her child would die. Her plea was to help Oden achieve inner peace.

Azalia was sure their problems would end if they moved to Planet Earth. She said, “My husband, our son is troubled, and this is causing him to lose more control. If we don’t act soon, we might lose him forever in the behavioral correction camps of the Aliens.”

Sprat answered, “Azalia, I know how much you want our son to be normal. And with sympathy, i understand it is your desire to make this happen, regardless of the costs. Wife, if it will help Oden, then we must move.”

The Planet Eco was a safe, clean and a brilliant environment. The Planet’s World Leader created the embodiment of positive progressive growth. Unknown to the dangers ahead, Oden and his parents moved to earth.

The citizens of earth were hungry. The water was putrid. The air was sour, and its citizens lived in surroundings covered in dust and filth.

Oden didn’t understand the meaning of a vision his mother described on the day of her death. She spoke of angels. She characterized the sound of ethereal music with its beauty. The colors that surrounded her were vivid. It was a place filled with everlasting peace.

Oden’s mother died without warning  after inhaling Earth’s stagnated air.  It saddened him that he was now alone without his mother. Sprat returned to his home, Planet Eco, along with his wife’s body to mourn her death. He left his son on Earth alone.

Looking into the future seemed fruitless for Oden. He failed to see how this new World call Earth, would help him. He only saw that his life would end in death. He too would die by prolific disease.

Microscopic bacteria and tiny micro-orgasms lived in the wastewater of the city sub level. He reasoned that humans had become immune to the abundant toxicity existing around them. But his immune system was pristine. He would not live long enough to acclimate to the sub-territory beneath the city.

The earthling majority warned Oden that his deformity was punishable. They judged his punishment by the acts prior of his parents.

The humans called Oden  a Cyclops and they feared him because he was different. With a disheartened  perspective, Oden feared he would never experience the beauty of love. The humans banished him to live his life at the deepest level of the sewers under New York City.

For the first time in his meager existence, Oden was cognizant of his deformity. A disgrace that he could no longer ignore. A thousand lightning flashes radiated from his eye. Wrath, hatred, despair, and anger came forth. He used the power bestowed by his departed mother. Her power was strong enough to remove the disease and pestilence from the Earth’s air and oceans.

The release of the epic energy calmed his violence and his broken heart began to mend. In an instant, he absolved humanity of their stupidity for decimating the rain forests. The depleted of the world’s natural resources began to restrengthen.

With forgiveness, for the chaos, Oden was no longer a pathetic and lonely Cyclops. But, he no longer had the power to free himself from the anguish of  a heart that discovered brokenness.

Scion, a beautiful street dancer, was sent from Planet Eco by Sprat. She came to Earth to find Oden. It was her job to show him all the excitement and wonderment of the world above through her eyes.

Scion was in awe of Oden’s reverence and humility, but she was too late. She saw Oden pull his knife from his belt and thrust it into his heart. His full lips quivered, his chest heaved starving for air to fill his lungs. His thoughts were drowning him, and Scion’s voice went unheard; Oden fell to the ground.

Scion rushed to his side. She offered him a drop of water. But from the orb which had been so dry, a big tear fell, trickled down the Cyclops’ eye and moistened the earth.

She cradled the dead mutant’s head in her lap. She closed his one eye. “Oden, your father sent me to return you to your native world. Your actions on Earth were to open the eyes of the citizens to your bravery and heroism.  But if your actions failed, then it was my duty to return you to your homeland.  i see that they still hide in the darkness with closed eyes. They avoid seeing the things they would not rather see.”

Scion did as Sprat asked of her. She accompanied Oden’s body from the underground catacombs of New York City.  An intergalactic shuttle brought the body home to a hero’s welcome. He had proselytized his hatred into a selfless act. Oden’s hope was to save humanity on a dying planet that mirrored his beloved homeland.

At his memorial service, Scion elaborated in her eulogy. “When you are different, life in the darkness is sometimes the only place where you can hide.”

She spoke of how the gentle Cyclops left his home planet as an outcast.  But he came home to his native world. Regardless that he lost his life in the process,  he deserved the humanitarian award.

On Halloween night, it’s not uncommon to see the other side of being different. But the day after, come back into the light to normalcy. Whatever, that might be…


Happy Halloween everyone!