Roswell, New Mexico Alien Festival



March 7, 2011

I was thrilled to find that a few of you floating around in cyberspace came in contact with my blog. I began to look for someone who would support my effort of reinventing myself as a writer. I thought I would make the subject of my first book about aliens. After all, I lived in the Alien Mecca of the world.

A very talented woman did accept the challenge of working with me. She soon became my Editor. She thought, “what better place” to kick off my writing career, but at the 2011 Alien Festival in Roswell, New Mexico. She began to work at creating a media blitz with a book signing appearance. In essence, my career started in Roswell, New Mexico, at the Alien Festival.

It is now six years later. The year is 2017. I have published dozens of books since my debut. Please feel free to visit my website and browse through the site. There is a wealth of information for your reading pleasure.

I hope the little tickler that I’ve included will excite you enough to find the book Next Generation: Love in Silence and read it. The book is a quick and light read that is available in the Amazon ebook store and in paperback too. Coupons are on my website at The content of the story is rated PG, so I do caution that the material isn’t suitable for the very young audience.

Happy Reading,

K. Lorraine



Mother’s Day Special

Time is running out. Mother’s Day will be here sooner than you think. So don’t delay… rush off to the K. Lorraine website, for your discount savings coupon and order the woman in your life a copy of, ‘Poetry in Motion’. The book is available for purchase on the K. Lorraine website through CreateSpace.

The book, ‘Poetry in Motion,’ is filled with fifty-two original poems that the favorite woman in your life will love. You will see from the following testimony that many folks loved the book.

POETRY IN MOTION crosses the finishing line. The new release by Author, K. Lorraine was a sold out event at the N. Ft. Myers Church of God on Sunday, April 24, 2016. The line was long at the book signing, and the sales brisk. ‘Poetry in Motion,’ is the first book that Ms. Lorraine has written and published to completely sell out.

Ms. Lorraine commented, “I want to thank everyone who attended the book signing and a BIG thank you to those who pre-ordered the poetry book online. I’m thrilled to have a book sell enough copies to pay for itself, and have a profit to defray the cost of my next book to release for Father’s Day.”

The book, ‘Poetry in Motion,’ is loved worldwide. You will definitely want a copy in your home library too. Book cover art is called ‘Seven Sails,’ and painted by the author. Permission given to use by the owner, Eric Krafft.

Thank you for your love & support. Happy Mother’s Day…

Happy reading,
K. Lorraine


What is a blog tour?  

Ms. Lorraine will be on ‘vacation’ for a few days, and will re-open this promotion as soon as she gets back.  Editor—-Louise Stone


A blog tour is like a book signing tour, except you are doing it online. Their main success lies in increasing awareness of your book and your author name. The fundamental aim of blog tours is to build relationships with your potential readers. And,  I need to organize the launch and publicity for book # 3, Christmas stories for the whole family; Short stories for the season.

There are several different kinds of blog tours. I’ve decided that a ‘Review Tour’ fits my needs the best. A Review Tour offers the opportunity to review the author’s book in exchange for a book review.

Credible reviews are difficult to come by so this is a great tour to receive guaranteed reviews of your book. I’m aware that guaranteed reviews do not equate to a guaranteed good review. But, the rule does state that a reviewer will agree not to post a review that is less than three stars until after the tour is finished. A review is rated between one and five.

If you want to participate in the ‘Review Tour,’ Instant message me on FB and indicate that you want to read the book. Include your name, and email address. If you read this blog on WordPress, you can reach me through making a comment. Either way, I will return a free PDF copy of the book.

I am offering the readers in this book promotion, the opportunity to win a copy of my Christmas book. It won’t cost you anything to enter the giveaway. I’m just asking you to post your LIKE and add a comment about the book on Facebook.  And then, go to my webpage, and join my mailing list. This list is confidential and will not be shared.

Please ask your friends and network groups to share my social media posts and tweets. Copy this blog and please forward it to your those on your mailing list.

About the Author:


Kathleen  grew up in the lake community of Sanford, Michigan. She is the second oldest of nine children. Her family and teachers knew that Kathleen was a gifted writer and a talented artist. She graduated college with a Bachelor Degree in Business and an Associate Degree in art design.

Ms. Lorraine joined FanStory in 2014.  She is a recognized author who has written 112 ‘five star’ short stories.  To date; she has received seven ‘First Place’ wins. Ms. Lorraine has also achieved numerous ‘Recognized wins,’ for her work.

Although, a young Kathleen wrote her first book titled ‘Pockets’ for her daughter, Rebecca. But, the book never saw the light of day. Some of Ms. Lorraine’s later works did. The upcoming author writes her stories under the Pen Name of K. Lorraine.

She recently began to write a series of children’s stories. Book One of the ‘Snuggles Bedtime Stories,’ The Christmas Dream was released in December, 2015. The Children’s Easter Story Book 2016, book # 2 released in time for Easter.

The author returns in 2016 with book three in the ‘Snuggles Bedtime Stories,’ Christmas for the whole family.

Ms. Lorraine has been married to her husband Ed for over 20 years and they collectively have five children from previous marriages. They are also blessed with six grandchildren. The couple resides in Roswell, New Mexico.


Author K. Lorraine present Snuggles Bedtime Stories,  Book Three: Christmas stories for the whole family; Short stories for the season.

The Christmas Scarf – It’s funny the things that the human mind chooses to set aside and keep as a fond remembrance. The Christmas holiday season was getting close. I waited on pins and needles for the Nutcracker Suite to watch on television. But, I wanted to see the dancers in person. I hoped and prayed that Mama kept her knitting money to buy us theater tickets.

It was finally Christmas morning. Santa Claus left my gift, beneath the tree. I untied the big red bow with care, and opened the gift wrapped box. Nanny Rosetta and Mama must have spent many nights together hand sewing the pink tutu for Santa to bring me. I was so excited that I completely forgot about the bright red Christmas scarf.

Miss Fitt’s Kennel— It’s Christmas in the village of Snow Globe. The merchants of the stores belonged to Santa’s ‘special’ elves. It was Santa’s goal to have a groundbreaking new product for children around the world. Santa visits each storekeeper to see what new idea was ready for him.

Queen Seltza’s Wintery World—is a story in a poem about Percy Penguin who is stuck on an ice floe. The poem takes you through his adventure of  trying to find his way home. He will meet some kind strangers and an evil queen who puts a spell on him. Your child is bound to like reading about a mother’s Raspberry kiss and hot chocolate love.

Super Star Singing Sensation—is a story about a family of singing penguins who met a talent scout. Find out what he has in store for the singing penguin family. Will they become a singing sensation.

K. Lorraine is the author of many entertaining children’s books. This one is perfect for the holiday season. Her stories are available at Amazon Kindle and CreateSpace.