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Forty-five LIKES overnight, and more LIKES everyday. The story is now available for you to read FREE.

Okay, Here’s the story you’ve all been waiting for… ‘PLAY ME,’ taken from the Mia Perez series book four, ‘Locked Away.

csbkcvr (3)

Mia was terrified and panicked. She was sure that Ashton Callan would leave her too. But she decided that she wasn’t going to be left alone again.

She had the sex tape in her possession and she would do whatever necessary to keep it from prying eyes. Her life was about to change again, but this time, she promised that she would stay in control.

Anticipation is my my tempting tool for this story. But, it is the temptation of finding out what is on the tape that will bring you back. This episode in the Mia Perez is NOW in the READING ROOM for you to read FREE on the K. Lorraine website http://klorraine and click on the Reading room icon.
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I invite you to take a look at my NEW webpage design.

Jeannie out did herself this time. It’s more than awesome. Great job Jeannie. You go girl. Lots of great stuff to read.

FYI… And a new feature blog will post on Monday. A special post about the true meaning of Easter. Don’t miss this one.

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Chapter 1

I Do

Mia loved how Robert took control. He asked for the van keys and told Berta she could take the rest of the day off. He liked to give her directions.

He then said to Mia, “Sweetheart, wait here for me. I need to talk with Dr. Cotter about my position at the hospital and then we can go home.”

Berta was angry and she shook her head in disgust. She tossed the van keys to Robert. Catching the keys, he hurried out to find Dr. Cotter.

I hope this little taste of the story, ‘He Took my Child,’ wet your whistle. The full revised book is available NOW in the K. Lorraine Reading Room. Remember… it’s FREE TO READ.

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A Writer’s day of houskeeping

Since I have a doctor appointment this afternoon, there isn’t enough time for me to delve into anything big. So, I thought I’d do a bit of housekeeping and bring you up to date on stuff.


The K. Lorraine Reading Room is a big hit. I get new LIKES daily and the pitter-patter of feet to read the FREE stories is growing leaps & bounds. Keep it up.

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A new FREE story ‘He Took my Child,’ will post on April first. ‘No joke,’ The story is a remake from the Mia Perez series, book two. The Mia Perez series are stand-alone books. Book two, was titled, ‘SHH.’ Books on the Reading Room are FREE to read.


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Speaking of the Mia Perez series… ‘Locked Away,’ book three, is trending like wild fire around the globe. Fans, of the series and this book, mark your calendars. The story you’ve all been waiting for is ‘Locked Away.’ The remake of this book will post FREE in the Reading Room, May first. The title of this FREE story is now titled, ‘Play Me.’

Just a reminder, I have several new books in the Amazon Kindle E-book store. In fact, two new books were put on the shelf yesterday.

All_Was_Well_on_East_Cover_for_Kindle (2) (2)          The_Traveling_Dingle_Cover_for_Kindle          broken4

‘All Was Well on Easter,’ is a delightful & colorful children’s picture book. The ‘Traveling Dingleberries,’ is a humorous satire about a retired Florida couple who gets caught up in time travel. And ‘Broken, Crisis of Faith,’ is a full length novel.

Please go to the Amazon book store and type K. Lorraine in the search box. A list of my books will show up for you see. If you prefer to read a hands-ons version, my books are available at CreateSpace.

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Read FREE ‘Mystery of the Locked Trunk’ & ‘Dark Secret,’ book ONE of the Mia Perez series of five stand-a-lone stories. The books are FREE to read in the READING ROOM.


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So, I’m a day behind the eight ball


Okay, K. Lorraine fans & readers of my weekly blog. So, I’m a day behind the eight ball. The reason is we’ve had phone problems since Ed left Cable One and went to Century Link. Sometimes he is too frugal. So this afternoon I was home alone. And something to do with the phone line blew in the house where I was working.

Alarms were screaming. I tried to call Ed, but he didn’t hear his cell phone. I managed to get out of the house by myself. I tried to call the pone company hot line for an hour. I was put on hold three times.

The call kept getting dropped. I went outside in the alley since I didn’t know if it was safe to be in the house. I was alone and couldn’t get back in the house. Also, my hand held phone was low on a battery charge. I was virtually helpless.

After nearly two hours, I called 911. The fire dept. arrived about 30 minutes later. My phone was dead and so could I have been.

So, I didn’t have the chance to promote my blog. I apologize for a screwed up blog event.

Final note… I’m surprised that my heart didn’t stop short. I thank God for placing His healing hands on my heart and kept it beating. So much for Monday the 13th.

Now down to business.

‘Poll for a new blog’ is this week’s blog subject.

Disability has no boundaries. Creativity and imagination come from the mind, not of the limbs. Anything is possible.
Creativity, talent, artist+ disability = Handicapable.

This webpage is not for political or religious views. It is a website for social fun. It’s also just in the planning stage. I hope you will take this subject seriously and go to The entire blog is worth reading.

And, Oh, please not only LIKE it, but please leave a comment. Your input is needed BEFORE I go ahead with the idea. It is crucial because my plate is full. Yet, I think this kind of blog would benefit many people out there who have concerns and questions about disability.

And you question where to get answers from the ‘know how’ folks. This upcoming webblog could just be your go-to website…

Until next time…
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Spring day in Roswell, New Mexico

Not complaining. The high of 94 degrees today. Loving Spring here in the Roswell, NM desert.  RR sun

Reminder… There are TWO FREE books in the Reading Room for your leisure enjoyment. All you need to do is go to the K. Lorraine web page and click on the Reading Room icon. And then you can select the book of your choice.  th

Enjoy your day. I’m going shopping.

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