Mother’s Day Special

Time is running out. Mother’s Day will be here sooner than you think. So don’t delay… rush off to the K. Lorraine website, for your discount savings coupon and order the woman in your life a copy of, ‘Poetry in Motion’. The book is available for purchase on the K. Lorraine website through CreateSpace.

The book, ‘Poetry in Motion,’ is filled with fifty-two original poems that the favorite woman in your life will love. You will see from the following testimony that many folks loved the book.

POETRY IN MOTION crosses the finishing line. The new release by Author, K. Lorraine was a sold out event at the N. Ft. Myers Church of God on Sunday, April 24, 2016. The line was long at the book signing, and the sales brisk. ‘Poetry in Motion,’ is the first book that Ms. Lorraine has written and published to completely sell out.

Ms. Lorraine commented, “I want to thank everyone who attended the book signing and a BIG thank you to those who pre-ordered the poetry book online. I’m thrilled to have a book sell enough copies to pay for itself, and have a profit to defray the cost of my next book to release for Father’s Day.”

The book, ‘Poetry in Motion,’ is loved worldwide. You will definitely want a copy in your home library too. Book cover art is called ‘Seven Sails,’ and painted by the author. Permission given to use by the owner, Eric Krafft.

Thank you for your love & support. Happy Mother’s Day…

Happy reading,
K. Lorraine



So, I’m a day behind the eight ball


Okay, K. Lorraine fans & readers of my weekly blog. So, I’m a day behind the eight ball. The reason is we’ve had phone problems since Ed left Cable One and went to Century Link. Sometimes he is too frugal. So this afternoon I was home alone. And something to do with the phone line blew in the house where I was working.

Alarms were screaming. I tried to call Ed, but he didn’t hear his cell phone. I managed to get out of the house by myself. I tried to call the pone company hot line for an hour. I was put on hold three times.

The call kept getting dropped. I went outside in the alley since I didn’t know if it was safe to be in the house. I was alone and couldn’t get back in the house. Also, my hand held phone was low on a battery charge. I was virtually helpless.

After nearly two hours, I called 911. The fire dept. arrived about 30 minutes later. My phone was dead and so could I have been.

So, I didn’t have the chance to promote my blog. I apologize for a screwed up blog event.

Final note… I’m surprised that my heart didn’t stop short. I thank God for placing His healing hands on my heart and kept it beating. So much for Monday the 13th.

Now down to business.

‘Poll for a new blog’ is this week’s blog subject.

Disability has no boundaries. Creativity and imagination come from the mind, not of the limbs. Anything is possible.
Creativity, talent, artist+ disability = Handicapable.

This webpage is not for political or religious views. It is a website for social fun. It’s also just in the planning stage. I hope you will take this subject seriously and go to The entire blog is worth reading.

And, Oh, please not only LIKE it, but please leave a comment. Your input is needed BEFORE I go ahead with the idea. It is crucial because my plate is full. Yet, I think this kind of blog would benefit many people out there who have concerns and questions about disability.

And you question where to get answers from the ‘know how’ folks. This upcoming webblog could just be your go-to website…

Until next time…
Happy reading, K. Lorraine


K.Lorraine BOOKS

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Author K. Lorraine writes


Good morning Monday. I live in Mountain Time… Roswell, in the Land of Enchantment, New Mexico. so, it’s around 11:15 as I am putting my blog post together. The picture is a bit of a tease, and that’s my intention. To tease you to go to my website and read this week’s blog.

The Reading Room book #2, ‘DARK SECRET’, will hit the book shelf during the first week of March. Today, I’ve chosen to write about the Reading Room, since it is the newest part of the webpage. And, I’m amazed at how many visitors have dropped by to see what the Reading Room is about.

My strategy is that once you start reading the first book, ‘DARK SECRET’, in the Reading Room, you will want to come back and read the next book in the five book Mia Perez series.

I urge you to go to the Reading Room on my website… and see first hand what I’m talking about. And then, come back around the first week in March. The full length story, ‘DARK SECRET,’ FREE for your reading enjoyment.

For those who have not yet journeyed to the K. Lorraine Reading Room, it’s easy to find. Simply go to my website at When you are there, click on the icon, ‘Reading Room,’ and then select the book you want to read.

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Happy reading, K. Lorraine



Be the first to read this NEW BOOK release from the upcoming author, K. Lorraine.


Simply A ‘Musing’

My Alter Ego

A compilation

Of Short Stories


The book just released on Amazon Kindle for the low price of $2.99. Drop everything and go to Amazon Kindle where you can read a FREE EXCERPT from the book.

BUT, here’s the thing: Book reviewers and bloggers expect you to send them a book. These people are voracious readers.

Now, if you would like to review the entire book, just contact me with your name, address, email address and a note that states whether you prefer an electronic version of the book, or a paperback book.

I’ll get back to you about your FREE copy. The book will available in printed format in a few weeks, so it could  take up to (4) weeks for a printed version, and then you will need to write a review and post it on Amazon.

The Opening Story…

In mythology, the Muses were nine goddesses who symbolized the arts and sciences. Today, a muse is a person who serves as an artist’s inspiration. Often filmmakers talk about a certain actor being a muse… meaning the actor inspired a movie. Writers, painters, musicians, and other artists also have muses.

The stories in the book are written through my inner Muse.

Story #1 The eccentric old man and his Muse

The Muse makes her appearance on New Year’s Eve. Melpomene was the Muse who first represented song and then became the patron of tragedy. Her name was derived from the Greek words meaning “to celebrate with dance and song.”

Nicholas had found the perfect diamond engagement ring. He wanted to give it to the woman he wished to marry. It pleased Julianna’s father when Nicholas asked for permission to marry into the family. And he even offered to float a loan so Nicholas could buy the ring of his daughter’s dreams.

Thank you for reading my post.  K. Lorraine

Give one, Take one

A Blog about two Public Libraries…



Sanford, Michigan  Little Free Library

Libraries deepen community connectedness. The book exchanges are a catalyst for improving reading motivation in smaller communities. The village of Sanford, Michigan has a population of under 1,000. The city of Roswell has a population of 85,000.

But, both cities, both libraries have programs with a wonderful vision. Two thousand miles separate them, but the vision of spreading the joy and power of sharing books is the same. Author K. Lorraine supports both library by sharing her books. A list of books that are on the library shelves in Sanford, Michigan and Roswell, New Mexico, follows.

About the author,

K. Lorraine is a recognized author who has written 112 ‘five star’ short stories. To date; she has received seven ‘First Place’ wins. She has also achieved many ‘Recognized wins,’ for her work.

A young Kathleen wrote her first book titled ‘Pockets’ for her daughter, Rebecca. It was a birthday gift when she started her first year in school, but the book never saw the light of day. Yet, some of Ms. Lorraine’s later works did. The upcoming author writes her stories under the Pen Name of K. Lorraine.

Ms. Lorraine resurrected her interest in writing after a thirty year absence to raise her two children.  But, she kept her skill of writing fine-tuned when a local newspaper offered her a staff writer job.

Ms. Lorraine divides her time between writing adult human drama and her favorite genres of romance and murder/mystery. She has to her credit, a series of children’s stories.

Ms. Lorraine and her husband Ed of twenty-five years, live in Roswell, New Mexico.  They have five children from previous marriages. They are also blessed with six grandchildren.

K.Lorraine is humbled and honored to announce that the Roswell, New Mexico library has accepted the following books.


The Playboy Prince

The novel is Part mystery, Part romance…

“You are an amazing author and so very gifted indeed. You are awesome. Comment Written 04-May-2016 by foxangie123

DP replied The ending did surprise me. Written 06-May-2016

The idea for ‘The Playboy Prince,’ came to mind in 2006. Over the years, the storyline continued to grow. I allowed the intrigue in the life of Hale Lake Kahuka-Dano,  flourish.

The first half of the book focuses on Hale Kahuka’s childhood.

The second half is about the rogue Interpol undercover cop. His obsession to find the man who murdered his Grandfather, Judge Dano.  Hale Danos’ obsession becomes his life’s mission.

The Playboy Prince is brimming with emotion from beginning to the end. Hale Lake Kahuka – Dano is the 6th generation grandson of King Kahmehameha. Hale Dano invites you to follow his story as he  goes from being a youngster, and becomes a mature man.

Poetry in Motion

Ms. Lorraine said, “I had NO CLUE that ‘Poetry in Motion’ was going to be as popular as it has become. I didn’t even have it in my head that this would be my first book to go so far. In two days, the book has gotten another 192 LIKES and 10 more comments and reviews. Since publishing, the book has received 5,000 Facebook LIKES, views and comments.”

The book, Poetry in Motion  is a collaboration of 52 contemporary poems. The poems are fiction and are creations of the author’s imagination. Some of the entries date back twenty plus years. She invites you to come into the magical world of imagination.  Many of the pieces are award winning poems.

Seychelles Survivor

It was orientation week at the University of Iowa. Five freshmen students from different parts of the country sit together in a college lecture theater. The group is unaware they share a common interest.

The five college friends set out on a tropical paradise vacation over a long 4th of July adventure.  Two days later, the parents get the word that the private jet is missing.

Surviving a plane crash can be a terrifying thing. The tension mounts as the story draws to a close on a beautiful tropical island in the Indian Ocean. The setting is compelling and the dialogue is real.

Seychelles Survivor, is about a family separated by a plane crash. The families ban together to find their children.

The book Seychelles Survivor has had more that 40 reviews. The author has selected a few for your reading pleasure. “The background kindles the reader’s curiosity. I love your emotional appeal. It’s indeed your specialty. One such I want. Thanks for creating such an emotionally matured character like Lei Lani

Thanks for sharing with us. God bless.”

Comment Written 11-Dec-2014

“I thought this piece was very well written and thought out. The emotional impact of the wedding and the epilogues pregnancy was very deep and profound, the love between the husband and wife clearly shown and made plain in the simple and elegant wedding they had. I liked the way God was invoked at the time of the ceremony, the prayers seemed genuine and realistic. That was the thing about this piece I really liked, the realism of it and easy readability. Five stars!”

Comment Written 10-Dec-2014

“Selfishness can only come to harm in the long run. This is very well written with a smooth flow of words, making for a very strong read.” Comment Written 20-Nov-2014

Beyond the Twilight Zone is a series of unrelated stories. The book contains drama, psychological thriller, fantasy,science fiction, suspense, and/or horror. The stories often conclude with a macabre or unexpected twist.

The book is a compilation of short stories that will take you back in time to the original Twilight Zone series. Ordinary people find themselves  in situations that they try to solve.

Ms Lorraine thought you might like to read a few reviews.

Fan Reviews… The Pirate Story – 76 views – 6 stars

“Boy, that was a trip! You took the story thread down many pathways. I enjoyed just following along, wondering where and how you were going to tie it all up. It was fun. You write with great confidence and authority. I like the way your mind works, delivering us a bit of everything. Some pretty explicit sex scenes, lots of angst and pathos, a bit of melodrama. A terrific mix, all in all.”

Space Mishap – 23 Fan Views

“An eccentric oddity and a kook cause a delay in getting home. The dialogue is clear and shows what the characters are like. The narrative shows the action, such as hitting the wrong panel, stepping in the cow poop. The emotion felt a warm feeling with a big smile.”

We Came Upon a Ghost Child – 62 Fan Views – 6 stars

“An awesome and creative story, although sad. Well written. “Daddy, it’s only terrible when the truth doesn’t come out.”

“Kitty, is this your daddy’s car?”

The Dark Side of Being Different – 58 Fan Views

“I’m not one for sci-fi, but you did a miraculous job of capturing my attention the whole story through. You described the aliens in great detail. You moved the story along as an accomplished writer would. It’s obvious that you invest time and thought in your writing. Your story was well edited and polished.”

Lethal Injection-50 fan views

“Chilling, frightening story. You made it even more so because something like this could actually happen. I’d tend to agree with Detective Stabler. His assessment that a user would not choose their mouth as an injection site for the heroine.

It looks like this Wall Street exec bit off a bit more than he could chew with his selection of hired hookers.”

Through a Mother’s Eyes

50 views Fan Review……

“You deliver a short but powerful piece. The last words linger long after I finished reading the story.”

Haunted Manor, Voodoo Murder

He sat back in his swivel chair and lit an electronic cigarette. He watched her step out of the 1964 red Rangoon Red Thunderbird convertible. She was wearing four inch sling-back heels with legs that went up to her neck. He exhaled a continuous chain of smoke rings. She was stunning in a close-fitting black wiggle dress.  Her blood red lips made his testosterone level rise.

Burton Middleton had a lucrative and successful writing career. But his passion for the written word as a noted Historian ended after his beloved wife died from lung cancer. Leaving his Yankee roots behind him, he moved to the ‘Big Easy.’

Black letters spelled out Middleton Private Investigations on the glass door. The office door opened, and the ‘Bombshell’ walked in.  He was completely unaware of how his life was about to change.


“Haunted Manor: Voodoo Murder, is a steamy, sexy, bone-chilling thriller. The book is steeped in southern superstition and tradition. The author combines a Mashup of Voodoo with a beautiful antebellum manor that ends in MURDER.

‘Mashup’ is a new genre concept in literary writing, and it is fast becoming popular. In ‘Mashup’, the  story is when you take two or more different genres and mix them together. This technique is masterful in bringing about a new and fresh storyline.

The author mashed a ‘Civil War’ College Professor, along with a haunted manor. She came up with a story line that ends in Murder.

Writer’s Digest suggests that K. Lorraine has been using ‘Mashup’ technique for years.”

Comment – April 22, 2014

“I call this a ‘Genealogy murder’ story. A Civil War plantation owner’s mistress passes down the twisted gene of voodoo superstition. Trust me, there is a lot of ‘mystery’ in this book.” Comment – May 10, 2014

The Mia Perez Series is a collection of five stand alone stories. Whether read on after another, or separate, they become a compelling story of Mia’s life.

Book One – Unethical Doctor, Mia Perez was lucky to be alive. She was the only survivor of the fatal accident. Induced into a coma by the Chief of Neurosurgery, Dr. Aidan Chase was a merciful way to help the long healing process.

When Mia awoke from her coma, the first person she saw was a attractive man. But she was unaware it was the doctor who had saved her life. The doctor opens the door to an unethical desire to win over his patient’s affections.

In Book Two, Unfit Mother, Mia Perez is young. She is naive. Her parents reared her in the strict native tradition throughout her entire life. She came to America in hopes of finding a rich American man. But, she finds a world full of freedom and choices instead. Uniformed about sex, she learns that even a woman with a disability can get pregnant.

Mia is desperate when she learns the results of a drugstore pregnancy test.  She slept with two men. She feels the pressure to get one of them to marry her.

Book Three, ‘Shhh’ is a short story of 18,000 words. The long awaited reunion of the Callan brothers is nearing. Mia has had an imaginary love interest with and American movie star, Tobias Callan for a long time.

She uses her sexy curves to toy with the brothers. And she knows exactly how to please them all night long. But will Mia’s  passionate encounter with Tobias set off a series of events?

Will a one-night stand, turn into a risky scheme of manipulation? Will the sex tape destroy the brothers in a whirlwind of emotions over the love of one woman?

Book Four, Locked Away, Mia Perez sends the Callan brothers away after a bad break-up on her wedding day. She banishes the two men from her life that she’s loved.

Locked Away is a second chance story. The suspense grows when the tapes come out about Mia’s sordid past. The story is about the entanglements of love.  Will Mia finally get her fairy tale marriage with one of the Callan brothers? Or will tragedy strike?

In the fifth book titled Beyond a Kiss, Mia Perez becomes obsessed with solving a two decade old murder.

In the series, five men loved her. Her father, Juan Perez, a wealthy Brazilian coffee plantation mogul. Aidan Chase, the handsome young doctor who saved her life. Nicholas Starks, her water therapy coach, and there were, the Callan brothers who Mia toyed with.

It was her plan to manipulate the brothers and get the man she loved to marry her. Nicholas Starks, was not husband material, but he always came to her rescue.

After two decades, the reading audience will learn the killer’s identity. Will this discovery affect Mia’s future plans for happiness? Beyond a Kiss is a page turner murder mystery with an unexpected ending.

The Me Time E-Books provide you with a quick escape into a world of passion. And even an occasional happy ending.

“My name is Mia Perez and this is my story about the love I have for the men in my life.


The Misadventure of Walter and Katy Shuster series-

Book One

The Adventure of the Traveling Green Ants

Something on the dashboard caught her attention. She amused herself as she chased them about as they scattered.

“What,” she spouted off, “Damn, they are multiplying faster than I can squash them!”

Katy was on a mission of her own as she began to sing off-tune. “And Another ant bites the dust; another ant bites the dust.”

Walter and Katy Shuster were about to begin their annual trek from SW Florida to New Mexico. But, the ‘comedy of errors’ began sooner than later.


“Find out how Katy Shuster, became known as, the Notorious killer of the Alien Green Ants.”

“Great book on adventures in Florida after retiring–a great read, and funny! Don’t miss this one!” comment – January 20, 2016

“A light-hearted piece, easy to follow…”

Margaret Comment Written 09-Mar-2015

“That was cute how you had the wife say, “Aren’t you forgetting something?” The amusing part is when he goes to the rear of the car and takes a look. This wet my whistle.”

Comment Written 07-Mar-2015

“It was a fun book to read. Since I’m a “junk dealer” (antiques) I liked that part.

Teresa… Comment Written 07-Mar-2015

Undercover Rookie

Eddie Cannon Jr. is nearing the completion of his police academy training. He decides to follow in the footsteps of his father, head of Homeland Security.  Detective Ed Cannon Sr., tried to bring down a large Midwest drug trafficking ring.

Homeland Security learns that the young Cadet is the son of the fallen decorated officer. They give Eddie Cannon Jr. his dream job of going undercover. Eddy Jr. assumes the identity of an out of work high school drop-out. His instructions were to take a job in the Nebraska Fun Center and Roller Skating Rink.

Cannon must resort to his academy training. He hides his emotions, studies the situation and solves the case in the nick of time. In the end, it was Eddie Cannon Jr. who stood motionless over a female’s dead body holding the smoking gun. He tried to feel something for her, but he couldn’t shed a single tear.

Undercover Rookie is an action-packed thriller, full of suspense, sex and betrayal. The story’s ending will shock and surprise.

The Christmas Dream – children’s picture book

Cover art by K. Lorraine

Snuggles Bedtime Stories-Book One (Volume 1)

The Christmas Dream is about a young boy and a dream filled with wonderment. Ricky finds himself walking in the new trodden footsteps of a mother deer and her fawn. Among the snow covered trees, there is a small cottage. A billowing white cloud of smoke dances around the chimney. Could this be Santa’s house?

Children’s Easter Story Book 2016 – Children’s picture book

Snuggles Bedtime Stories (Volume 2).

The book includes two stories-

Robbie the Purple Easter Rabbit

And… Easter in the Barnyard

As a bonus, the book includes the author’s favorite, prize winning poem-

A Candy Colored Easter

Thank you for taking the time to look at some of the books that I’ve written and published over the years.

Thank you for allowing me to share the news that the above listed books have been reviewed by the Roswell, NM Library Board and were accepted as new books to the Roswell community. It is an honor to be selected as an upcoming published author.

K. Lorraine Books are available for purchase in paperback format at  CreateSpace, & Amazon Kindle. Downloadable E-books are also available.


Move beyond yourself…

It is my goal to make you laugh, entertain you and make you think...
My Fun Stuff

Social media, comments and reviews…

This morning, I received an anonymous instant message. It doesn’t take a clairvoyant to know who sent it, but she has blocked me and won’t let me respond. Hmm, not nice!

She wrote. “I have NEVER slandered your work, but you keep hacking mine.  I have NEVER been vindictive of others, yet you go through others to do that to me.  I have asked nicely for you to remove your remarks /comments from my work and yet they are still there.  Today I am asking again.  Remove any / all remarks / comments on my books that you have placed on Amazon.”

My thought was… I can’t do that.

I BOUGHT the book.

I read the book.

I wrote a review about the book.

I did not slander the author.

I did not hack her. I wouldn’t have a clue how to do it!

I did not go through others to create dissension.

Vindictiveness is not in my vocabulary.

She concludes with. “You know and I know that YOU want to hurt.  I cannot help that.  But forgive yourself because both GOD and I have forgiven you.”

I said, “Thank you for wanting to save my soul. God will do that if He thinks my Amazon review and my blog was unkind or unfair. And, we forgive others to make us feel better, not to change others. I did nothing wrong, but I accept your blessing and prayers.”

And then I got a follow up message.

“Today I left her a message.  Private on FB, and asked her to forgive herself and be a better person.  I hope that she will do the right thing, go in and remove the Amazon book comments.  I, for one, will not talk / write / connect with her again.  I hope that now it has ended.  Since 2013 when it started it has been a long time (too long)  and she needs to grow up.”

She added. “My main problem is she is a ‘site hacker’.  There is a person that is hacking me on Amazon with my books.  Leaving crude / rude comments that do not belong.  I have tried to have them removed, even left comments on her comments.  Then she sends emails, FB comments and such.  I have done nothing to her.  I have read her work and have never left a remark or a comment to her, But she states that it is not her, and yet, the wording is the same.  A ‘friend’ of hers makes the comments.  Nothing will be repeated here.  No need.  I have said enough.”

So, I answered, the ball is in my court?

Well, you make my point. I read your comments several times. I cleaned your writing up enough to make it readable. Your work lacks clarity. Now lets get down to the nitty-gritty of my blog.

First of all, everything you write about me is untrue and unfounded.

I don’t have someone do my ‘dirty work.’

I don’t GO after YOU or your friends.

I don’t slander or slash… (figment of your imagination), and you have a good one…

I am NOT a hacker.

I do not write crude remarks. I write an honest review from my perspective.

You say that you read my work, but don’t give any feedback. What’s holding you back? I welcome it… Reviews are a good indicator with what’s wrong and suggestions on how to become a stronger writer.

I have never passed the buck. When I leave a comment, write a review, or post a blog… there is never any doubt that I wrote it.

The majority of your books are not up to par. You have room for improvement. My work can always use more work. It’s the job of a writer to listen to our fans.

Today, you asked again.  “Remove any / all remarks / comments on my books that you have placed on Amazon.”

The First Amendment gives me ‘Freedom of Speech’. So I repeat… ‘NO’.

Book reviews are written to help other book enthusiasts. It is left to the reader of a review to judge if the story might be a good fit. A review is not meant to bolster the author’s ego.

I don’t regret what I wrote. It was the truth from my perspective. The author was not within her rights to threaten me to remove my remarks, comments or review. I rated the book a ‘two’, meaning that I didn’t like it. But, it was a fair review. There’s not a code of reviewing ethics that you need to like every book written.

To get free publicity is a god send. My blogs and comments can bring more readers to her website. My reviews have the potential to give her more exposure as a writer. Her problem is that she takes everything as offensive. If she was smart, she would turn it around and use it to her benefit.

I’ve always said that God wants us to join forces. It’s not His Will to antagonize each other. And, this brings me to my final thought.

She’s blocked me from all ways of contacting her. That’s mean and cruel. I could do the same, but it doesn’t solve anything. So, she doesn’t want help in becoming a better writer. All I know is, that I appreciate help when offered.

I am not a Troll… a Hacker, or any of the other offensive adjective she’s used to describe me. In a way, I appreciate it because she gives me new ideas for stories to blog about.

I signed off… “Take care and best of luck in your FBI File Case book #2 rewrite.”

I added a P.S.

This is a suggestion–whether you accept it or not, it’s up to you.

“When you give a book a makeover, be sure to include a passage inside about the remake. You should give the reader a prelude that the story has gone through changes–NEW title, cover art, etc. but the story has the same storyline and plot.

When I put a book through a do-over, I express that I’ve learned from years of experience about story telling. The original book was good, but technologically advanced, and offers better writing help software.

Kay  K. Lorraine

Creating a buzz


buzzIncreased foot traffic to web blog – 100 overnight visits…

Well, this number is already outdated, because this morning, there were 29 more visits to the K. Lorraine blog. That’s one nice thing about statistics, they frequently change.

There are a lot of things that come my way daily. It is this stuff that causes me to alter my priority tasks – to set the intended blog aside  – and to write a different one. And that’s what happened to me the other day when I checked my website (blog) foot traffic footprint.



There are always a lot of things swirling around in my head.  It is with the help of the Lord, Jesus, that I’m able to descramble the jumbled mess and write my blogs, book proposals and books. But reviews can be the magic where-with-all that a writer appreciates.

REVIEWS are the greatest asset to a writer, whether you are a newbie, or a well seasoned author. I’m going to use the example of my the book, Poetry in Motion that I wrote several moons ago.

I’ve been keeping a running tally on how many reviews, views and LIKES that the book gets on a weekly basis. Today is Monday, September 19, 2016 and I just checked my Facebook page. I was amazed that the poetry book had been awarded 412 views and 26 more LIKES during the past week.

The statistics a book gets can be instruments of its success. But, a lack of reviews is often times the cause of why a book failed. So when a reviewer cares enough to critique an author’s work, from dialogue to sentence structure, it can be a precious gift.

Have a tizzy fit if you must, when the review doesn’t measure up to your expectations. Shout hallelujah when the critique was fabulous. But, perhaps, the criticism can be used for the betterment of your next book… and just maybe, you published on your own, too quickly. This is a bitter pill to swallow.

I read an interesting remark by Richard Riley, a well-known columnist – blogger,  and I liked what he wrote. “Chances are you are not a perfect writer. There is no shame in that. It’s OK not to master every element of the story. Every writer has his or her strengths and weaknesses. Those strengths exist because they are rooted in your passion. Don’t drive yourself crazy honing and fine-tuning a novel to try and make it perfect. Do rewrites, of course. Carefully edit your manuscript, of course, but don’t let elemental imperfections prevent you from publishing.

I strive for perfection in my writing. I’m quite sure that you also strive for perfection in everything you do. But, it never fails, that I will publish a book, or post a blog, and ‘Blam’, there will be a glaring mistake staring me in the face.

The world of publishing has changed greatly. Thanks to the internet, self-publishing,  online bookstores, bloggers, social network sites, with their help, has helped the writer to get reviews. It is also a proven fact, the author who contributes to their own success has a better chance to see the favoritism of their books rise.

Many reviews are downright fake. Many reviews are written to persuade… you hear what you want to hear. Most often, you don’t get the whole truth about the quality and accuracy of your writing. Thanks goodness due to the technology of the internet, self-published authors have more control over their work than you might think. Reviews  are important, but the author should remember that most beta readers are ‘reader reviewers’, or amateur reviewers.

Authors should take note of what the reviewer said and not just the rating given. Reviews are a great avenue to becoming a better writer. Use your reviews in your marketing strategy.

Self-published authors are encouraged to use their website, their blogs, even offer to be a guest blogger on another’s blog. Another effective avenue of getting your writing out there is to send out emails about your written work. Use handouts and business cards. And don’t forget about, PSA’s (public service announcements) in your hometown. The ever so effective –  ‘word of mouth’ is one of the best sources of advertising.

Author’s for the most part, are responsible for their own careers. Contact other authors for their help in  promoting your work. We are in this together. Media exposure is not a guaranteed miracle.

One of the questions I get asked the most, is… “Why are you giving your unpublished coffee table book, UPSIDE DOWN away FREE on your website?”

My answer was simple… I would rather have a million people from around the world come to my blog and see my artwork and read the companion stories, than not have anyone see my creativity at all. However, I do include a copyright provision for the protection of my hard work.

Richard Ridley always has sound advice. He recently wrote in a blog, “You cannot succeed with online strategies alone. Step outside into the real world and meet your readers. Build a solid Brand. Master your craft and write well. Your time will come if you keep on keeping on.”

The best advice I’ve heard from my research was, don’t expect your family and a few close friends to sustain a review campaign. It is vital to get viable reviews from unbiased strangers. In order to accomplish this, means you will need to query for those reviews. That brings me around to the following-

I had NO CLUE that ‘Poetry in Motion’ was going to be as popular as it has become. I didn’t even have it in my head that this would be my first book to go so far. In the first two days after the book was released, it had gotten 192 LIKES and 10 comments and reviews. Not bad for two days of promoting the poetry book.

In fact, I had a whole other book in mind that I thought would make a big splash with my reading audience. And that book was, The Playboy Prince. The book is showing well, but it is a novel, and I think most readers prefer not to invest the time in reading longer stories.

Once again, I thank everyone who continues to display favorable reviews for ‘Poetry in Motion’, a book of 52 contemporary poems in various genres. All of my books are  available on the K. Lorraine website and at Createspace.


The adult coloring book Fun in the Florida Sun, featuring the zany retired Florida couple, is picking up speed. The book is trending well around the globe. The coloring book is getting an average of 10 LIKES daily with several views, comments and reviews. Not bad Walter & Katy. In fact, there were 10 additional views today.

I’ve also sent a book proposal to Barnes & Noble to see if I could generate enough interest to get the adult coloring book on their store shelves. I’ve used some of my own marketing strategies, and I have three book signings in play, with the possibility of a few more. Walmart has taken an interest in Walter and Katy Shuster and Ancients of Day in downtown Roswell has already put the coloring book in their store.

Keep up the good work, Walter and Katy Shuster.

Thank you God and the K. Lorraine fans for the sunlight that shines upon my world.

Thank you for joining me this morning and reading today’s blog.

Happy Reading, K. Lorraine