March Wind




March wind is a jolly fellow;

He likes to joke and play.

He turns umbrellas inside out

And blows men’s hats away.


He calls the pussy willows

And whispers in each ear,

“Wake up you lazy little seeds;

Don’t you know that spring is here?”


I thought it might be fun to write a story using bits & pieces of quotes about the March wind. There were too many authors who penned the quotes. So, I chose to just paraphrase them.

Did March come in like a lion and go out as a lamb? In the desert of New Mexico, the answer is YES and NO. you see, the March winds are upon us here in the desert. The temperature is a gorgeous 88 degrees. But, the wind gusts range from 45 MPH and up to around 55-65 MPH.

What makes the March winds blow? Botanists say that trees need the powerful winds to flex their trunks and main branches. There is a wonderful mythical law of nature.

In the Sprig, the green leaves sprout from the buds. The Spring wind draws the sap up to nourish the budding leaves. And we enjoy watching them as they flutter and shake about.

When one has faith that the spring thaw will arrive, the winter winds seem to lose some of their punch.

And the rough winds do shake the darling buds of May. The Daffodiles, Lilies and an array of other flowers are in bloom. The sun shines bright with a warmth that rises with a glorious hallelujah.

The wind is differences in atmospheric pressure. If it weren’t for this rising and sinking motion in the atmosphere, we would have no wind. But we’d not have something we call weather.

Make the most of today. Our passions are the winds that propel us. Nothing will stop the truth from marching on. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into the trees.

Poems are one of the best ways to connect oneself with the imaginative world. We all know that May comes after April. And April is a month of a wild ride of alternating snow and sun. We all know that the flowers start to bloom in May, except for a few warm states where they show off every day of the year.

april showers.jpg

They say April showers bring May flowers to tell you that it’s okay when it rains. A daffodil clings amongst the downpour. April says she’s tired of it being cold. And  the showers stirred up the soil. May thought that was pretty nice.

On that rainy April day. Would all the flowers turn to showers in the sunny month of May?

Life is a splendid thing, for sure. Wasn’t God so nice to make the cloudy skies? He planted all the flowers. I want to thank God for His daily blessings. And for the softest of April showers too. If it wasn’t for the gentle April showers, there wouldn’t be the loveliest of May flowers.

So, my advice is, always look on the sunny side of things. And give thanks for a fresh new Spring.



5-7-5 poem

by K. Lorraine… February 15, 2016

The morning breeze sings                                 

On the ribbons of spring air

Her love melody, gentle

Until next time… Happy reading, K. Lorraine



Alien Hide N’ Seek




“Ready or not, here I come,”  Spog said after he closed his eyes and counted to ten.

Spog looked under the bed. Joe was not there so he began to look  again.

Spog looked in the closet, but he was not there. So Spog decided to look behind the big green chair.

Where, O’ where did Joe hide, while playing ‘hide n’ seek’? Spog thought. I should have taken a sneak peek.

To peek was hard to ignore. Spog had never played the game before.

Spog looked behind the curtain. Joe was not there. That was certain.

Spog looked in the dog bed. Ralph lazily raised his head and winked an eye. He looked out the window and gave a reply, “Joe is outside and high up in the apple tree.”


Joe had hidden where Spog did not think to look.

He had climbed the tree and cleared a comfortable nook.

Spog called out, “Ollie, Ollie oxen free.”

He flapped his arms like a bird to fly up in the tree.

Spog tagged Joe and exclaimed, “You’re it!”

Joe had hid well and Spog thought the game of hide n’ seek was swell.

But Spog could not lie. Joe’s dog Ralph, had given the game away when he said, “Look in the apple tree.”

It was a clever place to hide, Spog could not deny. And great companions the boys were, and thereby, Spog flapped his arms like a bird in flight.

For the rest of the day they sat in the leafy nook out of sight and ate juicy apples and read a book.

Spog wrote in his diary that night while in bed, under the wide starry sky.

Earthbound fantasies fill my dreaming eyes. I have learned so much during my carefree days and new friends busily sharing their love and helpful ways. I no longer feel like a castaway from a planet so far away. I am a child who joyfully plays. The world might change, but I won’t change my loving way.

Ready or not, here I come. I have much love and I’ll give you some.


I’m through here, so I’ll be on my way.

Until we meet again, go splash in mud puddles and play out in the rain.

Thank you for reading my children’s story blog today.

Happiness is found in reading…

K. Lorraine