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Welcome and Congratulations. Your book “Broken, Crisis of Faith,” is now live and available for you in the Kindle Store. It’s finally there. A four hundred page full fledge novel. And the book is only $9.99 to download.

Broken, Crisis of Faith, is available in paperback format at CreateSpace. The low price of $11.99 will buy you a four hundred page NOVEL. The following is a part of the letter of intent that I will send to the Barnes & Noble Corporate center in New York City.

Dear Barnes and Noble,

I am an Author who would like to be considered by your buyers for store placement of my adult book, ‘Broken, Crisis of Faith.


Rebecca Krafft-Martinez

I am proud of my daughter who wrote the Foreword. The piece, written by Rebecca was too long to include in this post. It is good though. You will need to buy the book to read it. I can’t give everything away FREE.

Publish date: March 2017

Genre: Romance, Disability, Family, Beauty Pageant, Murder, Mystery, Divorce, Inspirational, Rock Star

Rated: R

Adult language

Adult content

Sex scenes

What makes your book unique or special.

I’m an author, among other professionals. We think fiction writers should focus on crafting the best work possible. But that’s not to say a platform might not be use able. I do have a specific platform for the adult book.

The author is an advocate of people with disabilities.

She said, “I believe in love regardless if you are a person with a disability, or not. In the novel, Broken, Crisis of Faith. Mia Perez works through her adversities with trial and triumph.”

“If you are a human being who cares about others and what life throws at them, then this book will open your eyes. You will gain insight to what some people with a disability goes through.”

In the revised story, Broken, Crisis of Faith. The author changed the protagonist’s name to Mia Perez. Along with changing the protagonist’s name, She’s given the book new cover art. She did this to give the novel a face lift.

As the author, I wouldn’t dissuade you from reading the original book, Overcoming. But, the 2017 version, Broken, Crisis of Faith, has a slight plot twist. All-in-all, whichever version you choose, the book will have you turning pages.    overcomingbkcvr

Broken, Crisis of Faith, is an emotional, inspirational, trial & triumph story. Broken is an emotional, inspirational, trial & triumph story.


This is just a reminder for those who read my weekly blog. It’s also an invitation for the newcomers to the K. Lorraine blog, I’m inviting you to take a look at my artistic ability as a writer. The following are NEW books available in the Kindle bookstore since the first of the year.

January – ‘Simply Amusing, My Alter Ego. Kindle price $2.99

CreateSpace $8.99                                  overcomingtears3


February – ‘Love Stories, A Compilation of Me Time Stories. Kindle price $2.99

CreateSpace $5.38                                  love-story4


March – ‘Broken, Crisis of Faith’ – Kindle price $9.99

CreateSpace $11.99                              broken4


Undercover Rookie, 2017 Revision – Kindle price $3.99

Createspcae $5.80.                              broken2


Thank you for reading my post and I’ll see you in the Reading Room, April first with a new FREE book. Story #2 in the Mia Perez Series… ‘He Took my Child.’


As I always say…

Happy reading, K. Lorraine




Author K. Lorraine writes


Good morning Monday. I live in Mountain Time… Roswell, in the Land of Enchantment, New Mexico. so, it’s around 11:15 as I am putting my blog post together. The picture is a bit of a tease, and that’s my intention. To tease you to go to my website and read this week’s blog.

The Reading Room book #2, ‘DARK SECRET’, will hit the book shelf during the first week of March. Today, I’ve chosen to write about the Reading Room, since it is the newest part of the webpage. And, I’m amazed at how many visitors have dropped by to see what the Reading Room is about.

My strategy is that once you start reading the first book, ‘DARK SECRET’, in the Reading Room, you will want to come back and read the next book in the five book Mia Perez series.

I urge you to go to the Reading Room on my website… and see first hand what I’m talking about. And then, come back around the first week in March. The full length story, ‘DARK SECRET,’ FREE for your reading enjoyment.

For those who have not yet journeyed to the K. Lorraine Reading Room, it’s easy to find. Simply go to my website at When you are there, click on the icon, ‘Reading Room,’ and then select the book you want to read.

Until next time,
Happy reading, K. Lorraine


Reading Room is OPEN


Author, K. Lorraine invites you to read book ONE, ‘Mystery of the Locked Trunk‘, FREE.

Eddie Cannon Jr. is nearing the completion of his police academy training and decides to follow in the footsteps of his father. His dad, Homeland Security’s, Detective Ed Cannon Sr., was slain in the line of duty as an undercover officer trying to bring down a large Midwest drug trafficking ring.

Mystery of the Locked Trunk, is an action-packed thriller, full of suspense, sex and betrayal. The story’s ending will shock and surprise.

The Reading Room is a new feature that was recently added to the author’s website.

The plan is to offer my some of my earlier books FREE for the general public to read.

These are full length books, (edited). I am going back through each one to fix some glaring problems. The books will also be offered for your reading enjoyment under a different title. The reason for this, is because the books are still available for purchase.

All you need to do, is go the K. Lorraine website at and click on the Reading Room icon. Once the page opens, click on book ONE, sit back with a cup of coffee and enjoy reading this action packed mystery.

Thank you for reading my blog & thank you for reading my book.

Happy reading, K. Lorraine


Update on the READING ROOM




Call it growing pains, a snafoo or a technical glitch, regardless, the READING ROOM is delayed.

The first FREE book, ‘Mystery of the Locked Trunk‘, is ready to post. K. Lorraine continues her passion for storytelling as she returns to writing her favorite adult genre of romantic thriller, suspense stories. She recently brought an older book back to life.

The Drug Diaries first came out in 2014.

Her new book, ‘Mystery of the Locked Trunk‘, is a 2017 revised version of the former suspense story.




Keep watching for the READING ROOM to officially open.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

K. Lorraine


An older book comes alive…

It’s strange how things come around at the right time. Maybe it’s called fate, or maybe it’s the Memories of Facebook stepping in at the right time.



Three years ago, the book Overcoming was released. The Memories Page posted, “Just another way for you to read my latest release. Give Overcoming to your Valentine. Who knows you might win a really kuhl Tablet.”

Well, that was three years in the past.


Today, I’m revising the book. The premise (story) hasn’t changed much. But, the story is going through many changes. The title is now ‘BROKEN’. All stories have a beginning, middle and end.

The beginning is still the same. Yet, Giovanna Valdez is now known as Mia Perez. The beginning has more reader involvement with the storyline. The middle has more guts and the ending is different.

To sum this post up… ‘BROKEN’ is still a love story. And the book will soon be in the Kindle Ebook store. I hope to have the revisions done for a March 2017 release.

I thank FB for a timely reminder of how the past can come alive once again. Keep watching for ‘BROKEN’ in the Kindle Ebook store.

Happy Reading, k. Lorraine


The READING ROOM is a new feature added to my webpage.



It’s not open yet, but keep watching my posts. I will announce the official opening soon.

The plan is to offer my earlier books FREE for the general public to read.

These are full length books, (edited). I am going back through each one to fix some glaring problems. The books will also be offered for your reading enjoyment under a different title. The reason for this, is because the books are still available for purchase.

The first book, will post soon. And the books chosen are in no specific order.

I am excited about getting the READING ROOM up and running. Come back to see what the first book posted will be.

Please come to my website http://klorraine books and see what I’m about.


Happy Reading, K. Lorraine

Date Night Senior Citizen Style


Walter & Katy Shuster are at it again…

By author, K. Lorraine

Copyright © 2013 by K. Lorraine Books

Wednesday night this past week was date night for my husband, Ed  and me. Romance for us has become closeness. And that’s a nice thing to reflect upon.

Ed and I have been together twenty-five years. A second go-round for both. We married in 1992. Our five children are grown and have lives of their own. We live in the southwest, and our kids are still living and working in ‘cold country’.

Retirement is different for everyone. You make it what you want it to be. My husband wants to spend most of his day wearing his robe. He sits in his recliner and reads. He likes to putter and tinker with restoration projects. He likes to use his creative mind landscaping our yard.

I prefer to get dressed and start my day with a writing a blog or continuing adding a chapter to a book.

Yes, I consider myself an author. I’ve been at it full-time since 2011. My first published book was a science fiction love story. Next Generation: Love in Silence. It wasn’t a best seller (about 500 copies sold), but it was the book that got my feet wet as a writer. I’ve written many books since, in various genres. You ask? What does this have to do with senior dating?


Author, K. Lorraine

Not much, other than our life gets into a rut pretty fast for Ed and me. We aren’t in body building. We aren’t into sports. But, what we do together counts. So, we make a point to have three meals together each day. We make a point to go to church together. And we love shopping in thrift stores and antique shops.

We try to schedule a weekly date night. Sometimes we have a romantic dinner at home. Sometimes we have friends over for a meal and conversation. Sometimes we just watch TV together. This past Wednesday ended on a different note than we expected.

Katy wrote the following blog through her life as a Golden Girl.

Walter & Katy Shuster are a fictitious couple.  Walter & Katy Shuster live in Southwest Florida. The land of pink flamingos and retirees. The following blog is a depiction of a date night for the not-do-typical retired couple.

The morning started with breakfast. The weather was nice… sunshine and warm air temperature. Walter watched TV. You see, he’s a staunch Trump supporter who’s into the Trump confirmation hearings. On-the-other hand, I spent a few hours playing internet games.

I had a doctor appointment with my cardiologist later in the afternoon. So we had an early lunch and I started to get ready. The appointment was at three o’clock. Walter suggested we go out to dinner afterward for date night. That was fine with me.

The phone rang just as we were going out the door. It was the doctor’s office needing to reschedule my appointment. So, the question was to go or stay home. My answer was… I’m dolled up, so I’m up for a steak dinner.

There wasn’t any turning back. The afternoon was right out of a Seinfeld episode. Early bird dinner at a steak house. Home before dark. And Walter was back in his robe watching the news channel.

I was back pounding the computer keyboard, playing more games. I was in bed watching Law and Order SVU at eight. Only because my normal TV program, Code Black, was pre-empted by a music award program. And like every night, Walter and I watched the ten o’clock news together in bed.

As Walter climbed into bed, he said, “Nice date night, huh, Katy?”

I answered, “Not bad Walter.”

“See you next Wednesday, Katy”?

“It’s a date Walter. How about a Mexican cuisine next time”?

“Sounds good. You know much I like a fart-fest”…

“Good-night Katy”.

That’s life. You’ve got to love this man, and I love my life.

Thank you for reading my this week’s blog. Written by K. Lorraine

Coming Soon

The Misadventures of Walter and Katy Shuster

Book Two

The Traveling Dingleberries


Be sure to look for the Kindle E-book to release in April, 2017

Sneak preview…

The red HHR hovercraft was loaded with our gear. We arrived at the Roswell spaceport and the Commander donned his space suit for the gravitational sojourn.

“Dear,” said K. Lorraine, “My spacesuit has gotten a little snug around my waist. And I think it makes me look like a silver foil wrapped sausage.”

The Commander did his best to smooth his wife’s ruffled feathers like the good husband he was. And then he reminded Punken that everyone was wearing the same spacesuit.  “I promise that no one will recognize you. You are still the prima Donna in my life”.


Thank you for reading this week’s blog.

K. Lorraine & Commander Mr. Ed

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