Walter & Katy Shuster make a comeback




Thank you Rosemary for the nice review.

The adult coloring book, Walter & Katy Shuster, ‘Florida Fun,‘ debuted a year ago.

I deliberately kept the dexterity and eyesight of our older generation of adults and people with disabilities in mind when I had the coloring book illustrated. It was my intention to come up with a fun activity that would entertain EVERYONE.

Although, the book was designed for our older population, it is Rated G (general audience). Your grandchildren would find the pictures fun and easy to color between the line.

I do hope that I can get the coloring book into all of the senior places here in Roswell. I agree with Rosemary, that the residents and day care people would have fun. Plus, my book features a bonus section of satire/humorous shorts about the retired couple.

The Shusters’ are a one-of-a-kind married couple.

I encourage my readers to go to my website and take a look at the library of books I’ve written. Most have discount coupons that will save you some money. While there, please read my blog. There’s a lot of good FREE reading on the K. Lorraine website.

Walter & Katy Shusters adult coloring book, ‘Florida Fun,’ is among the books in the K. Lorraine book library. The book is still available for purchase. The adult coloring book is also available on line through Barnes & Noble.

“I know that at Brookdale assistant living they have a table for puzzles and one with coloring supplies and its very popular. My friend can’t see well enough to do anything like that but I know others would. I still love to color but don’t have the time any more. I also know its used in the Alzheimers Unit. Have fun if you do it.” Rosemary

Happy Days are here again.

Thank you for being my friend, and a K. Lorraine fan…



My 2017 book list by K. Lorraine

Copyright © 2013 by K. Lorraine Books


It’s that time of year when I plan out the books that I’ll write and publish during the year. My first book has already published.


January: ‘Simply A Musing’, is a collection of stories written through my inner Muse. It is available to download from Kindle E-books at an affordable price. The book is a perfect read on a cold, snowy day. The book is also in print format on Createspace – author, K. Lorraine.


February: ‘Love Stories’ is a collection of love stories written over several years. The book is slated to be out for Valentine Day. This book would make the perfect gift for your special Valentine.


March: Title –‘Broken’ (The original book, title — ‘Overcoming’, was rewritten to add more suspense to the original book.


by K. Lorraine

April: ‘The Traveling Dingleberries’ is a new addition to the collection of books written about Walter & Katy Shuster. The Shusters’ are an eclectic, retired Florida couple. The book is satire/comedy of errors. It’s a must read for all the ‘odd’ couples who find themselves suddenly retired.


by K. Lorraine

May: ‘Poetry in Motion’ — (Reissued). The book was a huge success for Mother’s Day 2016. ‘Poetry in Motion’ is being promoted to regenerate interest in poetry. The book is filled with original poems written over twenty-five years. The book is still available on Kindle Ebooks, Createspace & at the K. Lorraine website



by K. Lorraine

June: The Shuster’s adult coloring book, ‘Florida Fun’ — (Reissued). The coloring book came out at the end of the 2016 summer. ‘Florida Fun,‘ is the second book written about Walter & Katy Shuster. The first part of the book is a fun array of full-size illustrations to color. The second part is short stories about the antics of  this odd ball couple.


July: ‘THEM’, (TerrAmouran Human Exceptional Many – alien theme).  It is expected to come out in time for the Roswell, New Mexico Alien Festival.


by Envisioner

August: Title, ‘The Alien Boy from Apple’ —  A collection of stories about Spog, the alien boy. Genre: (children’s books)


September: Title — ‘Apache Sheriff’. The story will take you deep into the law and order of the modern day west. Murder, mystery, action, and romance are a few thing that will have turning the pages in anticipation.



October: Title — ‘Fairy Tales’, book four in the  ‘Snuggles Bedtime Stories’, is a collection of fairy tales written with children in mind. But, the whole family will find the book entertaining.


by Josie

November: ‘My all time favorite 2016 Blogs’ — Non-fiction



by K. Lorraine

December: ‘Cahlil’, (Novel of the year)

I am author, K. Lorraine, and I hope you will follow me through the year on Facebook and Twitter, and my webpage I’ve a lot of my plate, but I’m confident that I can meet up to the challenge.

Several of the pictured art are original designs and are under the copy right provision of K. Lorraine Books. The remainder of the graphics are courtesy of Bing Public Domain.

Thank you for reading my blog.

*The list of books in the 2017 lineup is subject to change if the author so chooses.

Thank you for reading my blog,

K. Lorraine

Black Friday & Business Owner Saturday



Pictured are two of my latest books. The adult coloring book, Walter & Katy Shuster ‘Fun in the Florida Sun,’ & the 2016 release ‘Christmas for the Whole Family, a collection of stories for the season.’

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Our stories are unique and our talents abound. Try us out. Simply search for your favorite author, and if you don’t have one… well, why not try someone who is newly published.

Any, and all of my books, would make nice gifts. My work comes in different genres and I’m sure you could find a book that suits that special someone on your gift list. Go to http://klorraine and browse through the library of literature on my website and take a look at the stories I’ve written over the years.

There are coupons available on most books to give you holiday savings. Thank you for thinking of the writers who work to entertain you through our imaginations and creative minds.

Christmas to all, and to all… happy reading

K. Lorraine

A special day, a special letter


November 19, 2016

Is this kuhl or what? Many millions of self-published titles are available on Barnes & ( and for special order in our stores, and they are generating a great deal of sales for Barnes & Noble.

Today, our stores are simply not capable of representing the vast number of self-published titles, let alone all those books. Yet, your books will be available for special order at more than 600 Barnes & Noble stores and online at Barnes &

I’m humbled and honored that the giant book stores has accepted two of my newest published books. The adult coloring book, Fun in the Florida Sun and Walter & Katy Shuster in the Misadventures of the Traveling Green Ants are now on the Barnes & Noble book shelves throughout the country.



I want to thank my K. Lorraine friends and fans. It is because of your support and encouragement that K. Lorraine is building her brand and becoming a respected author/writer.

Thank you for sharing this special moment on this special day with me. The Christmas shopping season is upon us. The thousands of LIKES and comments that I’ve received on FB gives me the assurance that many of you have read my blogs & books. And might I add that any of the K. Lorraine published books will make great holiday gifts & stocking stuffers.

Happy Thanksgiving and as I always say… “Happy Reading.”

K. Lorraine

Branding & networking

Branding and networking are probably the two most important facets of becoming a successful writer.

Sunday night, my husband and I went to a social function at our church. It was a going away party for an associate pastor and his family. We didn’t know him well, because we have just recently moved back to town. But we had been shopping around for a new church family and figured this might be a good place to meet people and bond.networking2

We are not unfamiliar with the area since we lived here before, but had left for, as we say, “A three year vacation.” Coming back to the small community has renewed our faith in people (easy going ones) and a small town lifestyle.

Once upon a time, I was the Director for a large non-profit here, and my face was still recognizable to many guests at the party. I used the opportunity to pass around my business card and share stories about our absence from the community; our return to town; and of course, about the numerous books that I’ve since published. People were interested and thrilled to listen to our story and we, in turn, listened to theirs.

I pointed out that I had a website and that, by simply going there and exploring, they could learn more about me as a person, and as a  published author. I also mentioned that my blog was posted nearly every day, and by reading them, they would learn more about my writing style and whether it fit in their comfort zone. Another plus was reading the topics and subjects that I blog about.

networkingNetworking is one of the best ways to become known to your reading audience. By forming relationships with people in your audience, you can grow your fan base and your brand long-term. Needless-to-say, the networking I did with my church friends, opened doors for the opportunity to sell more books.

I received questions about whether my books were on the public library book shelves. Did I plan to host any upcoming book signings. And the ‘big question’ was, were my books available on Kindle in e-book format. The answer to these questions were all an astounding, YES. Everything I’ve written is available on CreateSpace, Amazon book, my website, or and my blogs also appear on WordPress. You can follow me on Facebook and Twitter.

Home: []
Main site for K. Lorraine Books. Site features book sales, blog comments and information about her current romance and mystery novels.

To sum this up, the four rules of networking that a writer should keep in mind are mutualism, giving, targeting and reconnecting.

Mutualism is when you create a win-win relationships, making sure that you don’t benefit more than the other party.

Giving is helping someone out, before asking for anything in return. This makes people want to support you.

For instance, I’ve offered to participate in one of the senior friendship centers and share my adult coloring book, Fun in the Florida Sun, with the group who meet to enjoy in the latest trend… adult coloring. When I mentioned this last night at the going away party, I had some people ask whether my appearance would be announced in the Senior Friends newsletter. Of course, I had already made contact with the Director and we agreed upon the publicity.

Targeting is about how you want to be very specific to the types of people you network with, in order to save time and to attract the right people to your brand. An example of this is that I spent the greatest share of my social dialogue talking with people of my own age. There was a nice blend of Millenials, Gen X, Yuppies and my own ‘Baby Boomer’ generation.

Reconnecting is so important so we do not lose touch… that way, networking contacts remember you when new opportunities surface. In fact, my husband and I landed an invitation to adinner party and a few ‘let’s meet for dinner soon,’ invitations. I also reconnected with a former colleague from my working days as the Director for a non-profit.

These days, branding yourself as a writer isn’t enough. The world wants to hear what you have to say, If you aren’t building your own brand, you will ultimately suffer in lost book sales.

If you want to succeed, become an expert in your field, claim a website under your own domain name, connect with the media, and build relationships with your audience. Branding yourself keeps you current in your chosen field, opens doors for you, and creates a lasting impression.

BrandingBranding yourself isn’t entirely about who you are as an individual, but mostly about what genres you write about and about the quality of books that you offer. A strong brand influences your target audience and works overtime to engage those who may not have been targeted at all. A successful brand self-promotes, stimulates a unique experience, breathes loyalty, and offers consistency in the quality of products you offer.

I hope you enjoyed my blog about how a social event reopened some opportunities that were closed when we moved away three years ago. But, it was heartwarming to see so many warm smiles and open arms to welcome us back into the little—big city that we never thought we would be part of… again.

Happy Reading, K. Lorraine

Fun in the Florida Sun

Adult Coloring Book


The Fun Adult Coloring Book, featuring Walter and Katy Shuster, is dedicated to everyone who would love to escape into a forgotten world of adult satire and humor, and simply  become a child again.

Welcome to book two, ‘A Fun Adult Coloring Book.’ The adult coloring book follows closely on the heels of  Book One, ‘The Traveling Green Alien Ants,’ in the humorous series  of adult entertainment titled: The Misadventures of Walter and Katy Shuster.

Have you ever thought about stepping into a time machine and dialing it back to when you were a kid? Well, the fun has only started. Select your favorite crayons and begin to create an imaginative work of art as you brightly color between the lines.

The  coloring book features large, easy to color pictures, staring a zany couple who live in a Florida 55 plus community.  Katy and Walter Shuster live in a topsy-turvy world based on everyday life of a retired couple.

Fifty-Five Plus

The Misadventures of Walter & Katy Shuster is a continuing saga of short stories that takes an easy task into a hilarious undertaking.

Walter & Katy Shuster are embarking on a new and unfamiliar lifestyle known as retirement in a SW Florida 55 plus retirement community.  Katy’s dream has finally come true when they bought their first waterfront Florida home.

Author, K. Lorraine will bring fun and laughter into your life as she shares with you about how Walter & Katy Shuster fill their days as retirees. Walter & Katy are enjoying sunshine, palm trees, beautiful blue water and flocks of plastic pink flamingos in the front yard.

Walter has now joined the multitude of white haired drivers along with their wifely passengers on the Florida roads.

The Shusters are prepared to share their  Florida fun lifestyle with you, as they present this opportunity to feel like a child once again. The adult coloring book is a collaboration of illustrations by Envisioners, inspired by the writings of the author, K. Lorraine.

The Adult Coloring book is available at Createspace


K. Lorraine

 Well Ms. Lorraine, I will definitely have to go and see about the adventures of the baby boomers and the coloring book!!! You have my curiosity peaked. Thank you for sharing… FanStory Comment Written 04-Sep-2016