Mother’s Day Special

Time is running out. Mother’s Day will be here sooner than you think. So don’t delay… rush off to the K. Lorraine website, for your discount savings coupon and order the woman in your life a copy of, ‘Poetry in Motion’. The book is available for purchase on the K. Lorraine website through CreateSpace.

The book, ‘Poetry in Motion,’ is filled with fifty-two original poems that the favorite woman in your life will love. You will see from the following testimony that many folks loved the book.

POETRY IN MOTION crosses the finishing line. The new release by Author, K. Lorraine was a sold out event at the N. Ft. Myers Church of God on Sunday, April 24, 2016. The line was long at the book signing, and the sales brisk. ‘Poetry in Motion,’ is the first book that Ms. Lorraine has written and published to completely sell out.

Ms. Lorraine commented, “I want to thank everyone who attended the book signing and a BIG thank you to those who pre-ordered the poetry book online. I’m thrilled to have a book sell enough copies to pay for itself, and have a profit to defray the cost of my next book to release for Father’s Day.”

The book, ‘Poetry in Motion,’ is loved worldwide. You will definitely want a copy in your home library too. Book cover art is called ‘Seven Sails,’ and painted by the author. Permission given to use by the owner, Eric Krafft.

Thank you for your love & support. Happy Mother’s Day…

Happy reading,
K. Lorraine



Bienvenida, Welcome to our desert New Mexico home


In June, 2016, my husband and Ed and I decided to return to our Southwestern home. We had spent three years in Southwest Florida living in our waterfront home. Ed was homesick and longed to be in the desert again.

So, we packed our bags, circled the wagons and it was westward ho for us. It was a five day adventure as we crossed the country. Two thousand miles, in fact.

We decided that we didn’t want to live in our New Mexico house the way it was. We wanted change. Interior design is a passion for Ed and me. So we set out to change each room, one-by-one.

This blog features the colors and culture of the southwest. And how we incorporated them into the design of our dining room.










I hope you enjoy a tour of our New Mexico dining room.

See you next time with a new blog feature.

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Frida Kohl was a Mexican painter known for her self-portraits.

Copyright © 2013 by K. Lorraine Books


Kahlo’s life began and ended in Mexico City, in her home, which known as “La Casa Azul,” the Blue House.  But according to the official birth registry, the birth took place at the nearby home. It was the home of her maternal grandmother

She was Born Magdalena Carmen Frieda Kahlo y Calderón. She was born on July 6, 1907 in Mexico City, Mexico, a village on the outskirts of Mexico City. Frieda Died, July 13, 1954 (aged 47) in Coyocacan, Mexico City, Mexico.

Mexican culture and tradition are important in her work. Her work is characterized as naïve art or folk art. Kahlo suggested, “I paint myself because I am so often alone and because I am the subject I know best.”

Kahlo later described the atmosphere in her childhood home as often “Sad”.  She contracted polio when she was six. Frida Kahlo also enjoyed art. She received drawing instruction from her father’s friend, and filled notebooks with sketches.

Frida suffered severe injuries in a school bus crash. She was in isolation for many months. To occupy herself during her recovery, she continued to paint. She now painted  in bed. Above the small easel, was a mirror, so she could paint herself.

Frida wore traditional Mexican peasant clothing of long, colorful skirts to emphasize her heritage. Her ensemble included elaborate headdresses and massive jewelry.

She moved to San Francisco in the early 1930’s. The six months spent in San Francisco were a productive period for Kahlo.  She furthered her Folk Art style. Besides painting several friends ‘Frida and Diego Rivera,’ a double portrait based on their marriage.

The years 1937 and 1938 were a productive time. And she painted more than she had done in all her eight previous years.  She insisted, “I never painted dreams. I painted my own reality.”

Her most famous works, The Two Fridas (1939). The paintings show two versions of the artist sitting side by side, with both of their hearts exposed. One Frida is dressed nearly all in white and has a damaged heart and spots of blood on her clothing. The other wears bold colored clothing and has an intact heart. These figures are believed to represent “unloved” and “loved” versions of Kahlo.

Kahlo died on July 13 at her beloved Blue House. There has been some speculation regarding the nature of her death. It was reported to be caused by a pulmonary embolism, but there have also been stories about a possible suicide.

In the Catholic tradition, at baptism, a child has two first names. She preferred to spell her name “Frieda” until the late 1930s, when she dropped the ‘e’.  Since her death, Kahlo’s fame as an artist has only grown. Her beloved Blue House was opened as a museum in 1958. Frieda has attracted popular interest. “Fridamania” describes the phenomenon. The art world considers her “one of the most recognizable artists”. She is still admired as a feminist icon.

I traveled to San Francisco in the late 1980’s. It was there, that I bought a doll. She had oriental features. I used this doll in a still life that I did several years later.


  Cahlil in color by K. Lorraine

It was a few weeks ago that I was gifted a picture from my artist friend. She had started a portrait of Frida. She wanted to portray her as an Asian woman. But, she didn’t like it. My friend used colored markers as the medium. I liked what she started and accepted the unfinished picture.

I was confident that I could redo the picture. I’m not a student of Folk Art, but I do like it. The unfinished picture gave me shivers down my spine, but I didn’t know why. And then, it dawned on me. The picture reminded me of my Asian doll still life.

So, I dug my rendering out of my computer file, and I put the two side-by-side. I didn’t have any colored markers, but I had acrylic paints. I did what my heart instructed me to do. I finished the gift my friend had given me.

My jaw dropped to the floor.

I’ve always been drawn to my friend’s art work. We have a kinship with our love for painting. I also think that Frida herself, links our connection to Folk Art.

My first attempt painting Folk Art. What do you think?


Frida by K. Lorraine

Thank you for reading my post. K. Lorraine

My 2017 book list by K. Lorraine

Copyright © 2013 by K. Lorraine Books


It’s that time of year when I plan out the books that I’ll write and publish during the year. My first book has already published.


January: ‘Simply A Musing’, is a collection of stories written through my inner Muse. It is available to download from Kindle E-books at an affordable price. The book is a perfect read on a cold, snowy day. The book is also in print format on Createspace – author, K. Lorraine.


February: ‘Love Stories’ is a collection of love stories written over several years. The book is slated to be out for Valentine Day. This book would make the perfect gift for your special Valentine.


March: Title –‘Broken’ (The original book, title — ‘Overcoming’, was rewritten to add more suspense to the original book.


by K. Lorraine

April: ‘The Traveling Dingleberries’ is a new addition to the collection of books written about Walter & Katy Shuster. The Shusters’ are an eclectic, retired Florida couple. The book is satire/comedy of errors. It’s a must read for all the ‘odd’ couples who find themselves suddenly retired.


by K. Lorraine

May: ‘Poetry in Motion’ — (Reissued). The book was a huge success for Mother’s Day 2016. ‘Poetry in Motion’ is being promoted to regenerate interest in poetry. The book is filled with original poems written over twenty-five years. The book is still available on Kindle Ebooks, Createspace & at the K. Lorraine website



by K. Lorraine

June: The Shuster’s adult coloring book, ‘Florida Fun’ — (Reissued). The coloring book came out at the end of the 2016 summer. ‘Florida Fun,‘ is the second book written about Walter & Katy Shuster. The first part of the book is a fun array of full-size illustrations to color. The second part is short stories about the antics of  this odd ball couple.


July: ‘THEM’, (TerrAmouran Human Exceptional Many – alien theme).  It is expected to come out in time for the Roswell, New Mexico Alien Festival.


by Envisioner

August: Title, ‘The Alien Boy from Apple’ —  A collection of stories about Spog, the alien boy. Genre: (children’s books)


September: Title — ‘Apache Sheriff’. The story will take you deep into the law and order of the modern day west. Murder, mystery, action, and romance are a few thing that will have turning the pages in anticipation.



October: Title — ‘Fairy Tales’, book four in the  ‘Snuggles Bedtime Stories’, is a collection of fairy tales written with children in mind. But, the whole family will find the book entertaining.


by Josie

November: ‘My all time favorite 2016 Blogs’ — Non-fiction



by K. Lorraine

December: ‘Cahlil’, (Novel of the year)

I am author, K. Lorraine, and I hope you will follow me through the year on Facebook and Twitter, and my webpage I’ve a lot of my plate, but I’m confident that I can meet up to the challenge.

Several of the pictured art are original designs and are under the copy right provision of K. Lorraine Books. The remainder of the graphics are courtesy of Bing Public Domain.

Thank you for reading my blog.

*The list of books in the 2017 lineup is subject to change if the author so chooses.

Thank you for reading my blog,

K. Lorraine





Acrylic – 2016
K. Lorraine


Never far from home–a poem I wrote

The place where I reside…

A home is a dwelling, a place used as a permanent or semi-permanent residence by all of God’s creation, big and small.

“My home is a hard shell on my back,” said the Turtle… “Everyone needs a home.”




This is our tutle’s home.


I hope you enjoyed another page from the UPSIDE DOWN Coffee table book and another piece of my life.

Thank you for joining me as I continue to journey through life writing about the Funn stuff that I blog about.

Happy Reading,

K. Lorraine



From the unpublished book


Coffee Table Art

Copyright © 2013 by K. Lorraine Books


I thought it was time to lighten things up a bit. The acrylic painting, FROG LEGS, is one of the twelve UPSIDE DOWN pieces that I literally painted upside down. I meant for it to be whimsical and not the kind of frog legs you would order in a restaurant. But, that’s not the way Walter saw it. The blog is short, but I do hope you get a chuckle out of the slapstick kind of humor the Shusters often exhibit.

The painting ‘Frog Legs’, inspired me to write Inviting Nature Inside… featuring the retired Florida couple, Walter and Katy Shuster.

Walter was taking out the trash and decided that he would make it easier by leaving the Florida room door open. He was in the carport putting the trash bags in the storage bin when suddenly Katy heard a ‘swoosh’ and she saw a ‘flash’ from the kitchen window.

Wondering how Walter could mess-up taking out the trash, she walked toward the slider to go out into the sunroom to investigate.  To her surprise, she saw Walter swishing a fishing net at some frogs that were caught in the room. It was obvious that he was trying to get them to jump into his fishing bucket.

Later, when he came in, Katy said, “Dear, why were there frogs in the Florida room?”

“Well, Katy, I guess I was thinking, since it’s your birthday and instead of taking you out to dinner for some frog legs, I’d catch enough of them and you could fix dinner at home.”

She shrugged it off and mumbled beneath her breath, “Walter is a man in his own mind.”

The moral of the story is; when you live in Florida with Walter Shuster and wildlife is all around you… don’t leave the door open, or you might be cooking your own birthday dinner!

Happy Reading,

K. Lorraine

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Can an old dinosaur be taught new tricks?


A blog not to be missed…  

‘Baby Boomers’

Welcome back to the working world. My editor is one step ahead of me and posted two blogs at one time over the weekend. So, I need today to play catch-up in the realm of my earthly existence.  My mind has been scrambling over the holiday trying to decide what I needed to accomplish first. And then, I read a blog this morning that made sense. It was clear and concise.

It said…”Make a commitment right now, TODAY, that you will put your soul’s work first. That you need to spend at least 15 minutes a day, every day, working on the writing that makes you feel ALIVE.”

Well, I do this faithfully. I love working on my fiction stories, but at this time, my heart belongs to my blogs. I discovered, that I can do both, work on my stories, and that it is worth writing my blogs too. I enjoy coming up with new topics each day.

But, I have a children’s story that I wanted to publish before school started. I can’t believe that some schools are already is session, and others started today. This means that my job at hand is to get the revised ending to the kid’s book done today.

My second focus is to do a better job of marketing the books that are already published. I’ve spent years writing them and I’ve spent plenty of money to publish them. So, Monday, yesterday, Labor Day, I spent the entire day on building a book proposal and marketing strategy for the adult coloring book, Fun in the Florida Sun, featuring Walter & Katy Shuster. I have mapped out a full plan, including buying some promotional tools, to assist me in promoting the coloring book in my town.

Thank you for allowing me the time to have gotten that load off my chest, and on to today’s business. My blog features – Can an old dinosaur be taught new tricks?

I’m off to finish the book that is sitting on my desktop, Spog and the Bully. First things first. Get the book done!

Continue down to read the full blog.

Happy Reading, K. Lorraine

I had an interesting Sunday afternoon while shopping with my husband Ed. A nice young man approached us in the store and asked, “Are you happy with your internet package?”

Ed said, “Not really, what do you have to offer?”

Alphonso proceeded to explain the ins and outs and other benefits that his internet package might have that our current service might not. Of course, Ed was mostly interested in the cost. However, his pet peeve is there are too many sports networks and far too many repeat channels.

A man who was not interested in sports dumbfounded Alphonso, but he did relate to the abundance of repeat channels. In fact, he showed us that the average number of stations offered is around 79. Ed gasped and said, “I swear we get over 1,000 channels. Regular viewing and the upper end Hi-def ones.”

Ed then said, “All I want is the local networks – you know, NBC, CBS and ABC. I also like HGTV, Hallmark Movie Network and Lifetime movies. Can I tailor-make my TV watching to satisfy my wants?”

Well, I’m going to move on here because we talked with Alphonso for at least an hour about technical stuff. Boring!

But, what I do want to talk about is, that Alphonso was in the throes of becoming a writer. We talked about an array of topics connected with writing a book. He also counseled me on the ‘How To’s’ of promoting your finished and published book.

I’m here to say, that I’m old enough to be his mother, maybe even his grandmother. My first experience with a computer was in the 1980’s. I’m pretty sure that Alphonso cut his baby teeth sitting on his father’s lap at the keyboard. I know my grandson did. In fact, my two kids starting using a computer in school before they reached their double digit age.

Alphonso and I had a lot in common, which was nice to discuss. We both discovered our artistic talents early in life, (around six). We both loved poetry, and we started to think about becoming a writer in middle school. Our college education centered on business applications and advertising/marketing/promotion. But he had a leg up on me. An expansive working knowledge of computers.

Alphonso was speechless when he asked, “Do you have a smart phone?, and I answered, “No.”

“Do you have an Ipod – an Ipad?” and something else that I don’t remember. (Blackberry?

“Um, no,” I don’t know, I said. “I have my desk computer workstation and a laptop. That’s it! However, I do use social media… Facebook, Twitter and I have a pretty good website. And oh, by the way, I blog every day if possible… at least 4-5 times a week. ”

“That’s great, Kay. You are building your brand. Once you get a substantial number of ‘followers’, you’ll see an increase in book sales too.”

My ears took notice, but I became troubled when he said, “Now make 30 video blogs.”

Alphonso lost me right there and then. “How do I accomplish this?” I asked.

“Easy as pie.” He said, “Sit in front of your desk computer and talk into the camera.”

So, he then attempted to explain how simple this was to do and we swapped email addresses. Regardless, that we were generations apart, our commonalty brought us together to share knowledge and ideas. He was in need of a good Proofer/editor and I needed the encouragement  that I could come out of my dinosaur cave and learn more about video-blogging.

Alphonso has a ninety day goal to have his Science Fiction short story finished and published. I promised to connect him with my proof reader – editor. I also pledged to work on my fear about how to video-blog. But until then, I will continue to find interesting things to write about and upload the written word to my website blog.

To answer my own question… can a dinosaur be taught new tricks? I think so, but I still haven’t found the nerve to try video – blogging.

Best of luck to everyone who has a dream and a goal.

Happy Reading,

K. Lorraine