Frida Kohl was a Mexican painter known for her self-portraits.

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Kahlo’s life began and ended in Mexico City, in her home, which known as “La Casa Azul,” the Blue House.  But according to the official birth registry, the birth took place at the nearby home. It was the home of her maternal grandmother

She was Born Magdalena Carmen Frieda Kahlo y Calderón. She was born on July 6, 1907 in Mexico City, Mexico, a village on the outskirts of Mexico City. Frieda Died, July 13, 1954 (aged 47) in Coyocacan, Mexico City, Mexico.

Mexican culture and tradition are important in her work. Her work is characterized as naïve art or folk art. Kahlo suggested, “I paint myself because I am so often alone and because I am the subject I know best.”

Kahlo later described the atmosphere in her childhood home as often “Sad”.  She contracted polio when she was six. Frida Kahlo also enjoyed art. She received drawing instruction from her father’s friend, and filled notebooks with sketches.

Frida suffered severe injuries in a school bus crash. She was in isolation for many months. To occupy herself during her recovery, she continued to paint. She now painted  in bed. Above the small easel, was a mirror, so she could paint herself.

Frida wore traditional Mexican peasant clothing of long, colorful skirts to emphasize her heritage. Her ensemble included elaborate headdresses and massive jewelry.

She moved to San Francisco in the early 1930’s. The six months spent in San Francisco were a productive period for Kahlo.  She furthered her Folk Art style. Besides painting several friends ‘Frida and Diego Rivera,’ a double portrait based on their marriage.

The years 1937 and 1938 were a productive time. And she painted more than she had done in all her eight previous years.  She insisted, “I never painted dreams. I painted my own reality.”

Her most famous works, The Two Fridas (1939). The paintings show two versions of the artist sitting side by side, with both of their hearts exposed. One Frida is dressed nearly all in white and has a damaged heart and spots of blood on her clothing. The other wears bold colored clothing and has an intact heart. These figures are believed to represent “unloved” and “loved” versions of Kahlo.

Kahlo died on July 13 at her beloved Blue House. There has been some speculation regarding the nature of her death. It was reported to be caused by a pulmonary embolism, but there have also been stories about a possible suicide.

In the Catholic tradition, at baptism, a child has two first names. She preferred to spell her name “Frieda” until the late 1930s, when she dropped the ‘e’.  Since her death, Kahlo’s fame as an artist has only grown. Her beloved Blue House was opened as a museum in 1958. Frieda has attracted popular interest. “Fridamania” describes the phenomenon. The art world considers her “one of the most recognizable artists”. She is still admired as a feminist icon.

I traveled to San Francisco in the late 1980’s. It was there, that I bought a doll. She had oriental features. I used this doll in a still life that I did several years later.


  Cahlil in color by K. Lorraine

It was a few weeks ago that I was gifted a picture from my artist friend. She had started a portrait of Frida. She wanted to portray her as an Asian woman. But, she didn’t like it. My friend used colored markers as the medium. I liked what she started and accepted the unfinished picture.

I was confident that I could redo the picture. I’m not a student of Folk Art, but I do like it. The unfinished picture gave me shivers down my spine, but I didn’t know why. And then, it dawned on me. The picture reminded me of my Asian doll still life.

So, I dug my rendering out of my computer file, and I put the two side-by-side. I didn’t have any colored markers, but I had acrylic paints. I did what my heart instructed me to do. I finished the gift my friend had given me.

My jaw dropped to the floor.

I’ve always been drawn to my friend’s art work. We have a kinship with our love for painting. I also think that Frida herself, links our connection to Folk Art.

My first attempt painting Folk Art. What do you think?


Frida by K. Lorraine

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My 2017 book list by K. Lorraine

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It’s that time of year when I plan out the books that I’ll write and publish during the year. My first book has already published.


January: ‘Simply A Musing’, is a collection of stories written through my inner Muse. It is available to download from Kindle E-books at an affordable price. The book is a perfect read on a cold, snowy day. The book is also in print format on Createspace – author, K. Lorraine.


February: ‘Love Stories’ is a collection of love stories written over several years. The book is slated to be out for Valentine Day. This book would make the perfect gift for your special Valentine.


March: Title –‘Broken’ (The original book, title — ‘Overcoming’, was rewritten to add more suspense to the original book.


by K. Lorraine

April: ‘The Traveling Dingleberries’ is a new addition to the collection of books written about Walter & Katy Shuster. The Shusters’ are an eclectic, retired Florida couple. The book is satire/comedy of errors. It’s a must read for all the ‘odd’ couples who find themselves suddenly retired.


by K. Lorraine

May: ‘Poetry in Motion’ — (Reissued). The book was a huge success for Mother’s Day 2016. ‘Poetry in Motion’ is being promoted to regenerate interest in poetry. The book is filled with original poems written over twenty-five years. The book is still available on Kindle Ebooks, Createspace & at the K. Lorraine website



by K. Lorraine

June: The Shuster’s adult coloring book, ‘Florida Fun’ — (Reissued). The coloring book came out at the end of the 2016 summer. ‘Florida Fun,‘ is the second book written about Walter & Katy Shuster. The first part of the book is a fun array of full-size illustrations to color. The second part is short stories about the antics of  this odd ball couple.


July: ‘THEM’, (TerrAmouran Human Exceptional Many – alien theme).  It is expected to come out in time for the Roswell, New Mexico Alien Festival.


by Envisioner

August: Title, ‘The Alien Boy from Apple’ —  A collection of stories about Spog, the alien boy. Genre: (children’s books)


September: Title — ‘Apache Sheriff’. The story will take you deep into the law and order of the modern day west. Murder, mystery, action, and romance are a few thing that will have turning the pages in anticipation.



October: Title — ‘Fairy Tales’, book four in the  ‘Snuggles Bedtime Stories’, is a collection of fairy tales written with children in mind. But, the whole family will find the book entertaining.


by Josie

November: ‘My all time favorite 2016 Blogs’ — Non-fiction



by K. Lorraine

December: ‘Cahlil’, (Novel of the year)

I am author, K. Lorraine, and I hope you will follow me through the year on Facebook and Twitter, and my webpage I’ve a lot of my plate, but I’m confident that I can meet up to the challenge.

Several of the pictured art are original designs and are under the copy right provision of K. Lorraine Books. The remainder of the graphics are courtesy of Bing Public Domain.

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*The list of books in the 2017 lineup is subject to change if the author so chooses.

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Be the first to read this NEW BOOK release from the upcoming author, K. Lorraine.


Simply A ‘Musing’

My Alter Ego

A compilation

Of Short Stories


The book just released on Amazon Kindle for the low price of $2.99. Drop everything and go to Amazon Kindle where you can read a FREE EXCERPT from the book.

BUT, here’s the thing: Book reviewers and bloggers expect you to send them a book. These people are voracious readers.

Now, if you would like to review the entire book, just contact me with your name, address, email address and a note that states whether you prefer an electronic version of the book, or a paperback book.

I’ll get back to you about your FREE copy. The book will available in printed format in a few weeks, so it could  take up to (4) weeks for a printed version, and then you will need to write a review and post it on Amazon.

The Opening Story…

In mythology, the Muses were nine goddesses who symbolized the arts and sciences. Today, a muse is a person who serves as an artist’s inspiration. Often filmmakers talk about a certain actor being a muse… meaning the actor inspired a movie. Writers, painters, musicians, and other artists also have muses.

The stories in the book are written through my inner Muse.

Story #1 The eccentric old man and his Muse

The Muse makes her appearance on New Year’s Eve. Melpomene was the Muse who first represented song and then became the patron of tragedy. Her name was derived from the Greek words meaning “to celebrate with dance and song.”

Nicholas had found the perfect diamond engagement ring. He wanted to give it to the woman he wished to marry. It pleased Julianna’s father when Nicholas asked for permission to marry into the family. And he even offered to float a loan so Nicholas could buy the ring of his daughter’s dreams.

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My New Year’s Resolution – 2017 by K. Lorraine

I’m taking on some stuff this year, that’s totally outside my comfort zone.  I’m looking forward to it. I know there are things I could’ve done better, but overall, I’m proud of myself.

I’ve thought long and hard about my goals for the year ahead.  I know 2017 is going to be an even more amazing year. What goals have you set for 2017?


A New Year’s resolution is a tradition for most. A person makes a promise to do an act of self-improvement or something nice. I’ve given thought to my personal resolution for the New Year.

new years1.jpg

First of all, I’m going to focus on the enjoyment of life. Ed and I are not getting any younger. So, I want to spend more quality time with him. Travel and antique shopping, (hunting) is our favorite thing to do. We’re back in New Mexico and hope to revisit many New Mexico sites during the year.

I was just interrupted by the news that Carrie Fisher died at the age of 60. It brought back the memory of when I met her. I lived and worked in Midland, Michigan. I worked as the Public Relations person for the Center for Independent Living. She, (Carrie) performed at the Center for the Arts, and I had the chance to attend her performance.

Carrie Fisher’s death, due to heart failure opened my eyes to my own life. I was recently diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure with Unstable Angina. The sadness I felt for the loss of an icon, changed the way I thought about the rest of my life.

Ed and I returned to Roswell, New Mexico this past June. We moved back into the house we built in 2005, but this time, we decided the desert would become our forever home. The city has grown, yet it was familiar to us. We reconnected with some old friends. And others were now gone.

The following piece is a small excerpt of an article I wrote in 2015.

The Formula for Aging…

Dependent… in the beginning of life.

Middle of life… all the stuff that made me one of a kind.

Dependency… Equals The End.

Rewinding is going back toward the middle. The middle is where all the stuff that makes us unique and one of a kind is warehoused.

The aging process for someone with a chronic illness is like going back in time. It’s like rewinding from our adult independence and becoming infants once again. But what happens when the fittest become the frailest? And that self-reliance becomes a mandatory dependency?

Babies enter the world with only one power. The power to elicit the emotion of tenderness and a caring response to them from other humans. Babies’ depend on their caretakers and the society in which they develop. It is the stuff that makes us human.

* A baby may cry when he needs the help of someone.

* An infant cries because it’s their only way to communicate.

* Babies cry when they are hungry.

* Sometimes babies cry when they are in need of a diaper change.

* If a baby is tired and needs comforting, he may start to cry.

Help Me… I’m old

The aged are sometimes virtually immobile. They cannot creep, walk, or speak, and they are limited in the ability to act with purpose. At the end of life, the dependent aging of the world has only one power. The power to elicit the emotion of tenderness and a caring response to them from other humans.

Life can be overwhelming for aging adults. When the aged engage in behavior that is like a child, they can feel like their world is turning upside down. Although parenting an elderly person who becomes ill, dependency is a given. Society has to manage many disjointed feelings and identities. It’s strange how we all know we will get old, but nobody prepares oneself to handle the cascade of losses.

Why did I include the piece about aging? It brought to mind a bucket list of things I’ve not yet fulfilled. Lady Justice, and the balanced scale of life, has not yet balanced my life. I’ve accomplished a lot, and I’m thankful for each new day, but, there is still a lot that I’d like to finish.

This brings me to my professional life, and my New Year’s Resolutions.

Something I want to do is getting right to the point. I want to learn how to say what I need to say and move on.

I think that short eBooks are becoming a trend. People are busy–and getting busier by the days. They look for a quick read.

People like instant gratification–a short eBook can give them that. People are sick of “fluff”. Short E-books that make a point quickly. They get to the good stuff right away.

Amazon is catching on to this emerging trend. There are now a variety of “Short Reads.” Categories for books ranging from a few pages to under 100. My ‘Me Time short stories’ are a perfect example. I have some quick reads on Kindle E-books. They are less expensive too.

I don’t believe in setting a specific word count for a book. I think a book should be as long as it needs to be. Some books need more words and pages, and some need less. There’s no point in stuffing a book with extra words that don’t need to be there. I prefer to let the readers decide.

I sat down and began to write my goals as a writer for my New Year’s Resolutions.

*I plan to remind myself that I am a great fiction writer. Positive thinking is a good thing.

*Bad habits are hard to break. I have a lot of bad habits as a writer, but I’ll always study the craft of writing and try to improve what I write. I’m not likely to ever change.

*Regardless that I don’t… I’ll convince myself that I have millions of readers all over the world.

*Instead of saying that my plans are to be a best selling author. I will reinforce that I am a best selling author.

*I am creating my dream writing life.

My 2017 writing goals are:

  • To write a WEEKLY BLOG


The following are titles, (subject to change) of books to publish in 2017

January: ‘Simply A Musing’, (A collection of stories I wrote through my inner Muse)

February: Love Stories (A collection of love stories written over several years)

March: Broken (The original book,  ‘Overcoming’, rewritten)

April: The Traveling Dingleberries (Walter & Katy Shuster)

May: Poetry in Motion (Reissued)

June: adult coloring book (Reissued)

July: THEM (TerrAmouran Human Exceptional Many – alien theme)

August: Spog Collection (children’s book)

September: Apache Sheriff

October: Snuggles Bedtime Stories (collection of fairy tales)

November: My all time favorite 2017 Blogs

December: Cahlil (Novel of the year)

My fortune says that 2017 will be an amazing year. And that I have a wise head on my shoulders. It will be full of pleasant surprises and excellent memories. It will propel me towards the success that I’ve dreamt of. And it will help me fulfill my ambitions in ways I did not think possible. It will be a great year and for me, and it will be life changing.

Yes, I have been through a lot this year, and emerged stronger on the other side. These words reflect my inner strength. I believe the resolution for 2016 will reward me with much happiness in 2017.

My spiritual life is my guiding life. I have a lot on my plate, but I plan to complete my goals. Growth is good and I plan to succeed as God walks with me through the year ahead.

Thank you for reading blog about the ‘2017 year in the life of author, K. Lorraine’


Christmas for the Family


familychristmas4‘Tis the season when our thoughts turn to gift giving. It is also the season when our time is consumed with getting many things accomplished before the Christmas day gets here. Take a deep breath, slow down and enjoy these days. Assuredly, Christmas will come again.

The reviews on my Christmas book, ‘Christmas for the Family,’ are slow to come, but I’ve gotten a good sampling. The following are a few comments from one of the stories in the book. I’ve chosen to share the story selection… ‘Miss Fitts Kennel.’


“I enjoyed this piece. It was good fun. It also contained some good messages as well as being informative about some of the traditions.”

“Hi… you are a good writer, and you are a good storyteller.

Example of good storytelling-

Santa began to think… “Maltball had a good idea.”

“Sweet Tart was a misfit elf. But, she was as sweet as her name. It didn’t matter that one leg was longer than the other. She wasn’t able to make out some colors. She couldn’t tell the difference between red and green. ”

Example of good writing – “Santa laughed in a deep, hearty manner. His abdomen moved up and down, side-to-side from the exertion.”

“Excellent, Mr. Boots. You have done well. Your designs are imaginative. And now tell me, cobble, what is the cost for the footwear?”

It’s still not too late to download the ‘Christmas for the Family,’ on your electronic device. The book is available on Kindle ebooks. DISCOUNT COUPON now at

Happy reading on Christmas Eve, & Merry Christmas to all and to all… a good night.
K. Lorraine

Is it CHRIST–mas or Commerce-mas?

Nothing can top the Christmases of my youth. It was a much simpler time then. Today, kids grow up too fast. All the toys are electronic or made in ways that stifle the creative, and wholesome minds of children.

Just yesterday, on Facebook, an ad posted a Happy Hour toy bar set. Three young kids were pretending to be patrons. “Step up to the bar and order your favorite drink,” the caption said. The picture on the box depicted a child who looked about three years old. On his face was a grimaced smile. His eyes appeared shifty. The two patrons sitting on the bar stools looked about the same age.

But, what caught my attention was the kids were holding a beer bottle in their hands. I read the description on the box. The wording reads: This toy set contains a pretend bar, two bar stools, and beer bottles. The toy was for children ages three and up. I read it more than once because I was sure this must be a joke.

Two FB member left comments. The first; “Introduce your children to their first year in college.”  The second said, “More like, introduce your kids to high school.” Another comment said, “For aspiring bartenders.”

Sorry folks, but I didn’t think this was a laughing matter. I’m a mother of two adult children in their forties. In fact, my daughter made the comment about introducing your kids to college. It appalled me that a reputable toy company would produce this kind of toy. What does this say to our kids today? Would a three, four or five year old even understand the concept of an adult bar?

Children’s story books are different now too. My sister says, “You need to appeal to what kids want. And they want Transformers. They want anything electronic. A good old fairy tale doesn’t appeal to the masses any longer.”

Well, I remember the Golden Books. I remember the Disney characters of Donald Duck and Pluto.




My occupation is writing books. I have many published books. I write books for adults in different genres. I write books for the young child too. My stories have characters that are fun to read about. The storyline is a plot that their young minds will understand. I write about Lego blocks. I write about a boy and his Teddy bear looking for Santa’s house. I write with words that paint a picture. I urge you to go to my website and visit the library of books that I’ve written.

And now let me rant a moment on the battery operated ride on cars. There is a Barbie car and a Jeep. Military ride-able cars. Fancy, high end automobiles. I can only image that there are other styles I’ve over looked.

My question is, what has happened to bicycles that the front and rear wheel turn by using healthy muscles? I remember going to my grandmother’s house. The activities she planned to occupy us were fun things.

She picked up appliance boxes and provided us with crayons and scissors. My sister and I were about ten and twelve years old at the time. Today, a child of that age would laugh at the idea. But, we used our creative minds. We made cars made from the cardboard boxes. We usually made convertibles. But I remember an instance where we put two boxes together to make a hardtop sedan.

Kids today have Ipods, Ipads, computers, cell phones and who knows what else… Television wasn’t even an option for most of us who grew up in the 1950’s. I’m all for progress and technology, but, I’m not for growing up before your time.

Is there any wonder why there is so much youth crime and violence? They skipped over a childhood who ‘wished upon a fairytale star’. They’d never heard of Lassie. And who are the Lone Ranger and Tonto?

I’m sure the biggest majority of you who will read this blog will say, “You’re a mean one, Mr. Scrooge.” And others, perhaps will agree with me. I wrote this piece provoked from television toy ads and Face Book postings.

We live in a world of over rated toy advertisements that flood our children’s minds. Get 15% off when you buy two or more toys! And as parents, we want our kids to be happy. So we go into debt buying the high priced must-haves that often end up in yard sales. A market economy is what keeps the manufactures happy and makes the world turn on its axis.

Do we live any longer on modest means? Stop the product worshiping. Instead, find your way back to the true meaning of Christmas.


A child has come forth to save mankind and for us to glorify HIM and pray
Behind this glorious day, completes the greatest story told
You who are faithful… we give HIM gifts of frankincense, myrrh and gold.

Joseph and his wife, Mary, did listen to the angels sing
Earth rejoices with happy unbridled voices
Son of God, our Heavenly King
Underneath the starry sky
Shepherds watch their flock with joyful eye.


What is it, CHRIST–mas; or Commerce–mas under your tree?

Thank you for reading my blog.
K. Lorraine

Black Friday & Business Owner Saturday



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Christmas to all, and to all… happy reading

K. Lorraine