My funn stuff to blog about

Hi everyone to my first WordPress blog… An insight about the author behind the blog.

I feel blessed to have found the courage to try different things. I’ve set my goals high, but without God’s inspiration and leadership, I doubt that I would have found my way to publish numerous stand-alone books, written in different genres.

In fact, I’ve just finished my first full length  novel, ‘The Playboy Prince,’ and my very first book of poems; ‘Poetry in Motion.’ I have numerous published books, so I encourage you to go to my webpage and read the ticklers about my books.

If the Lord had not been my guiding force, I question whether the creativity within me, would have spurred me to write and publish, not one, but two Children’s Series of stories.  Spog the Alien, and the Snuggles Bedtime stories have been good to me.

A ‘Snow Bird’ is a geriatric human who migrates from the north.  A ‘Snow Bird,’  lives among other white hair herds and they mostly live in SW Florida 55 plus communities. The Snowbird’s first waterfront Florida homes boast of  sunshine, palm trees, beautiful blue water, and front yard plastic pink flamingos in clusters.

My husband Ed and I, however, are not grouped with the brood of our white haired friends. We are considered to be ‘Alien Time-Travelers’ from the west… Roswell, New Mexico, in fact.

My artistic prowess was discovered early in life, but it was in August, 2012 when I became a serious artist. Although, art has been a passion of mine since my grandmother discovered this talent in me at seven years old, my appetite for drawing and painting continued through the decades that followed.

I’ve decided it was time to share the other side of my personality and showcase my artistic ability. It’s my plan to connect my storytelling with my artwork. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to use my weblog as a platform to stage my art and a vehicle for stories.

Come back soon to read my next ‘funn’ blog… Zozobra

Happy Reading,

K. Lorraine